Watch a clip of Kierra Sheard and Welton Smith on a date and her current relationship status

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Kierra Sheard Source: Maury Phillips/Getty Images North America

Kierra Sheard Source: Maury Phillips/Getty Images North America

Is Kierra back with Pastor Welton Smith?  Everyone seemed to want to know based on our web stats.   When we interviewed her before the premiere of the show and the answer then was NO. That interview was on March 24th 2013.  Here’s an excerpt where she talks about her romantic situation. You can also listen to the interview below:

Bianca: Is there somebody special in your life now or are you kinda hanging back doing you right now?

[quote][/quote]Kierra:  You know what usually I’m always in a relationship. I’ve had a lot of relationships but right now I’m just chillin. I have guy friends and here’s one that I’m really into but they have to ask so we have to see where it goes. Somebody else may catch his eye. He’s not in Michigan so that’s it for me right now. I will say this. I am more focused than I’ve ever been so my focus is not a man right now.

She didn’t mention anything about Welton but we do get a sneak peek at Kierra in a vulnerable position with Welton on a date during episode 7:

If you missed the interview, here it is:

Well, we’ll see what happens, but like Kierra stated in the interview, she is more focused now then she’s ever been.



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