Gospel Concert Promoter in Augusta Georgia Ran Away With an Estimated 15K – Update Vickie Winans was in Augusta (she was scammed too)

Beware of this promoter of gospel concerts, any concerts... Janky.. skipped town with people's money on June 27th
Beware of this promoter of gospel concerts, any concerts... Janky.. skipped town with people's money on June 27th

Beware of this promoter of gospel concerts, any concerts… Janky.. skipped town with people’s money on June 27th

Update July 1st.. Video of Sharif King taking money and walking out with the money in a bag released from Tabernacle Baptist Church. Check it out:



Update June 30th:  Pictures are worth a thousand words so check this one out of Sharif King’s information on Federal Prison Bureau. He was just released from prison on December 10, 2012.



Update June 30th:  King and Dower Claim that the event was no longer a Dower live event as of Thursday June 26th.  Check screen shots of this email out that we received from Dower Live on June 27th (the day of the show) and you make a decision on who is telling the truth. After this screenshot was published on Twitter, Dower Records deleted all communication that had taken place between Vickie Winans and their accounts.  Tabernacle is not to blame for this concert. They were simply a venue and you can see this below. Please notice the date and time stamp on this email. It was the day of the concert..

Dower Live Email Pt 1

Dower Live Email Pt 1

Dower Live Email Part 2

Dower Live Email Part 2

This email is signed by Dower Records personnel. Check out the story from the Augusta Chronicle and WJBF from the promoter.

Update June 28th: Vickie Winans took to twitter… Check Vickie Winans out on twitter @vickiewinans to see it for yourself.

For those of you who were at the Augusta show last night awaiting myself, James Fortune and Tamela Mann let me tell u! I flew in only to find out that the supposed Promoter Shariff King was running a scam! I sat dressed in my hotel room for 3 hours all while he skipped town! I was looking so forward to ministering in Augusta last night as I do in every city I go to! I was suspicious of Mr. King but I thought since so many crooked scammers were going to jail lately, surely he wouldn’t try that! I have reached out to the Augusta radio station and I will be trying to get on air tort the ppl of Augusta know that a man who says he’s from NY came to their town and put on a bogus show! I understand I am the only that actually came to Augusta and sat in my hotel room fully dressed! Smh! Unreal and a shame! God sees all! I’m on the plane on my way to Sacremento for my show tonight! Augusta we will get to the bottom of this! The Artists on the flyer that he put together was a scam from the start! I love you! 

On June 27th 2013, The James Fortune and Friends was supposed to come to Tabernacle Baptist Church. The concert was supposed to include Tamela Mann and Vickie Winans.  The people gathered and patiently waited for the acts and none of them showed up. The local acts were present but no James Fortune, Vickie Winans and no Tamela Mann.

James Fortune Tweeted the following during the time he was supposed to be performing:

James Fortune Tweet


James Fortune’s camp issued the following statement on June 28th:

Statement from James Fortune:

We were informed by Shariff King on wednesday evening that the concert
was going to be postponed until a later date only to find out later on
twitter that people were waiting at the concert for our performance and
were not told that the concert was postponed at all. We are extremely
sorry and we look forward to coming to Augusta very soon for a free

Cheryl Fortune

Vickie Winans tweeted the following earlier that day:

Vickie Winans

The people had no reason to think that the concert would not happen.  At least Vickie Winans and James Fortune were coming based on the tweets from their verified accounts.

The promoter was called up for remarks after the first local artist finished, but he did not come forward.  A few more artists sang but when dead space needed to be filled, the MC called upon the Pastor of the church- Pastor Charles Goodwin.  He said a mouthful and stressed that it wasn’t a Tabernacle Baptist Church event supporting the email information above:  Check out this clip of his remarks

The promoter- SHARIF KING, skipped town with all of the money that he personally collected at the door .  The estimated amount he collected was 15,000.  The church was almost to its 2000 seat capacity.  King allegedly charged some people an additional $40 (on top of the $20 that they already paid) to sit in VIP with promises of a meet and greet with the national artists at a Christian club, Provisions Christian Lounge.

The announcements of a concert began around May 19th at the MayFest, an outdoor festival in Augusta Georgia.  The announcements were made several times by Morgan Dukes and Jubba, the gospel stage hosts.  There was to be a concert, James Fortune and Friends, that included Tamela Mann and Vickie Winans on the ticket. The show was to be held at the Bell Auditorium.  People were excited. Emails and press releases were received by this publication. We put up an announcement with the show’s line up, dates, and number to call Georgia-Lina Tickets to purchase the seat. Tickets were $37 for the Bell Auditorium.

The promoter opened up a facebook page under the name of Shariff King and began ranting things about the concert. He purchased radio air time at several stations and commercial time to promote the concert. He even made TV appearances in the city. Check out the culprit on WJBF News 6 in Augusta.

WJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken News, Weather, Sports

We began to seriously doubt that Tamela Mann would show after reviewing her website. It has an extensive tour schedule but itdidn’t indicate she would be at a show in Augusta Georgia on June 27th. We received this email on Saturday June 22nd from Nortel Holmes at gospelexquisitor@yahoo.com

[quote][/quote]*****JANKY PROMOTER****** definition n. messed up; bad; inferior.
Ladies & Gentlemen of the CSRA, it’s come to my attention that there might be a JANKY PROMOTER in the area. Sources say this promoter has caused nothing but confusion since arriving to Augusta.
Let’s break it down: (a) Concert was suppose to be at the Bell Auditorium. (b) Questionable artist booking (c) Low ticket sales (d) Crazy…/Disturbing Facebook post (e) Questionable robbery attempts (f) Now, we have to refund our tickets and go out and buy another ticket at another venue, WOW!
This is suppose to be a Gospel concert and it has more of a secular vibe than Gospel. My sources say Tamela Mann might be a no show. In my personal opinion, that’s why people were buying the tickets. Her name carried the most weight. I know that’s why I bought my ticket! Sources also say the local gospel community is in a disarray. There’s more bickering amongst each other than ever before, just to be a part of this show. Augusta we have to respect ourselves and our music. We can’t let an outsider come in and cause controversy with a show that might not even happen. That’s why I moved back to Augusta and decided to start my site. Augusta we always had self respect and pride in our music and city. Let’s keep it that way.  I leave you with Matthew 7:15 – “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.[quote][/quote]

Nortel Holmes also set up a facebook page and began friending people EXCLUSIVELY in Augusta.  Perhaps it was Mr. King trying to muddy the waters by being his own PR machine.  We really don’t know.

Sources and Facebook say that he went ballistic on the Bell Auditorium management because they were attempting to confirm the artists that were to be on the show.  He “moved the venue” to a church (Tabernacle).  People were supposed to be able to get their money back from the Bell and pay at the door.  The ticket price was reduced to $20.

We began to seriously doubt that any of the artists would show up for this event. Tekoa Music News advised those who we personally knew to keep their money because something fishy was going on here.

As you can see, based on the tweets listed above, the artists were even under the impression that they were coming. James Fortune was told that the show was postponed until a later date.

Vickie Winans





James Fortune Tweet






Be Careful on Social Media Update: After further digging into the profile of Sharif King, I realize that all of his social media presence is relatively new.  King’s Facebook page was deleted, but in an attempt to save his so called reputation, he has appeared again on FB.  The phone numbers listed in his email rings busy and a new number was listed. His twitter account is still active: @dowerpromo1 and @dowerlive, but there have been no posts. The website for Dower Records was registered recently (March 2013).

He has a sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/sharif-king with his picture, but just in case you missed it, here it is again:

Beware of this promoter of gospel concerts, any concerts... Janky.. skipped town with people's money on June 27th

Beware of this promoter of gospel concerts, any concerts… Janky.. skipped town with people’s money on June 27th


We removed our post about the concert on Saturday after realizing that Tamela Mann wasn’t coming, but the promoter was still indicating that she was.

Please artists, managers, and public- DO NOT set up concerts with this promoter. Artists, beware of this scam artist.  Radio stations and event promoters, please try to vet business contacts before doing business with them.  When you get the indication that something isn’t ethical, please sound the alarm and let the consumers know. The lesson in all of this is quench the thirst with Jesus. Not the spotlight…

It is possible that this person is on the way to the next mid sized town to attempt to do the same thing.  Please Please Please do not fall for this scam.

We’ve done our job of spreading the word and hope that all will make sure that this will not happen in the gospel community again because we have this dude pegged.  He came for TGMN on Twitter, but backed down when I produced the emails above.






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