E Daniels

Ernest Daniels Jr. released a CD entitled “The Journey” on August 20th, 2011.
E. Daniels is described as  “the real deal – his satisfaction doesn’t come from packed out concerts…it comes when lives are changed, relationships are restored, and true repentance takes place.”
Not knowing what to expect, I pressed play and was pleasantly surprised by E. Daniel’s sincerity and writing skills.
The first track “My Desire” opens the CD up and will have the listener clapping their hands.  He quickly follows up with “I Need Thee” which is a spin on the traditional hymn of the same title.  His presentation of the song is heartfelt and he closes with the traditional version of the song with an organ accompaniment.
E. Daniels has a special flair for simple ballads. His website details how he spends his time:
He can be found “at the piano worshipping the Lord”
Listeners can tell that is where he spends his time. He is magnificent with just a piano/guitar and his voice.  He is at his best on the songs such as “Better Than Sacrifice”, “That’s Why”, and an interlude entitled, “God’s Not Mad At You”.
He crosses genre’s with “I Run To You”, which is a catchy tune that is well suited for a Sunday morning worship experience.  He follows up with “How I Long for You” and “Your Love” which are great tunes that could easily become a hits for any CCM band- SHOP THESE SONGS!
He has a style all his own and this CD isn’t a copy of any present artist’s style.  The background vocals on certain songs could have been mixed a bit better, but that is a small thing.  E. Daniels has produced a good debut CD that is sure to encourage listeners.
The CD is available for purchase on his website, so log on and support E. Daniels
Track List: 
1. My Desire
2. I Need Thee
3.  Stand Fast featuring Daarinah
4.  Second Chance
5.  Grace
6.  Better Than Sacrifice
7.  That’s Why
8.  I Run To You
9.  How I Long For You
10.  God’s Not Mad
11. Your Love
12.  Redeemed featuring B.E.R.I.D.O.X