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It is always good to update your look, reinvent yourself, or take on a new endeavor to keep it fresh!  Gospel artists are doing just that!

    • Check out new looks from Karen Clark Sheard and Kierra Sheard.  Kierra is looks fab!
    • Todd and Beverly Crawford will be in internet radio starting March 3rd on Praise  Congratulations!
    • Chrystal Rucker is going to record live featuring Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis. Stay tuned
    • Angel (the other half of Trinity 5:7) has new singles entitled “Weak” and  “Still God” available now on iTunes- CLICK HERE——>Still God – Single – Angel
  • Mary Mary will grace the cover of Jet Magazine for the week of Feb 17th.
  • Sunday Best Stars, Joshua Rogers, Tasha Page Lockhart and Alexis hung out with Dorinda Clark Cole on her new show on the Word Network!
  • Alexis Spight was chilling at NBA AllStar Weekend!
  • Dorinda Clark Cole hosted Holy Women in Red!


  • Alexis Spight Dorinda Clark Cole Chrystal Rucker

Karen Clark Sheard Kierra Sheard new look Mary Mary on Jet Magazine Kierra Sheard Angel

Sunday Best Winners Beverly and Todd Crawford

sunday best 2

sunday best 2The 29th Annual Stellar Awards was held in Nashville Tennessee on Saturday January 18th at 6:00 and Tekoa Gospel was priviledged to be a part of the red carpet experience. We had the opportunity to catch up with some of your favorite BET Sunday Best winners and finalists.

Tasha Page Lockhart was elated to be there and she was ready to hear some good music and share the moment with her husband.

Danetra Moore talked about her deal with Tyscot, her new CD that is due out in the spring entitled “Light in the Dark” and we should look for a single from her soon entitled “Only God Can” which she penned.

Joshua Rogers released his project last year but the title track, “Unconditional” is the new single. He also has partnered with a T-shirt company, 22 collectives.

Andrea Helms has a new single due out any day entitled “Clap Your Hands” from her project due out in the spring of 2014 and she has a jewelry line R.E.D. or Reaching every Diva.

Crystal Aiken has new music coming out this year!!! YAH! APRIL! YAH!! She’s be working with Phillip Bryant, Dave Lindsay, and Anthony Brown.  I can’t wait.

Alexis Spight has been traveling all over the country and she has a brand new app out. She’ll be on James Fortune’s live recording due out on Feb 25th.

Enjoy these red carpet interviews:


joshua rogers unconditional

joshua rogers unconditionalJoshua Rogers is back and better than ever with his new video for his hot single “So Good”. !!  He shot the video in Houston Texas with the Legendary Jack Yates High School Marching Motion Band. The band starts off with their rendition of the song and it fades into the

There is a cameo appearance from Matthew Knowles of Music World Gospel in it. He’s keeping it youthful and urban and WE LOVE IT AT TGMN!

I am so glad that he has some original music. Check out the video and make sure you pick up his CD right here: Unconditional – Joshua Rogers

tasha page lockhart

kelly price

The 2013 BET Sunday Best competition is down to Vernold, Paula, Tasha, Odell, Kefia, and Tyler. Song choice played a huge factor in tonight’s show and it can make or break your performance.

Kelly Price opened up the show with no doubt an attempt to straddle the ever so famous fence she plays with.  I emplore you Kelly- Choose a SIDE!!!   You can’t take the money from those R&B CDs with you and ultimately it’s about souls.  We have a responsibility to point people to Jesus in all we do. God has gifted her (obviously) and she should just use it for his glory. You can’t show out on your R&B divas of LA show and then try to sing the walls down on Sunday Best.  Gifts and Callings are without repentance, but how about let’s try some repentance and use the gift for the LORD! Come on Kelly.. I’m praying for you.  I really am..

tasha page lockhartTonight’s show- Some may think that this has been the least exciting season of Sunday Best.  I agree slightly, but we have had some surprises.  I’m officially a Tasha Page Lockhart supporter so yes, I’ll be biased on that account.  Get over it… 😉

Vernold Junior Johnson opened up the competition with a reggae version of the hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.  He did a decent job but I really believe that his “swag” like Donnie keeps saying is what is saving him. He’s comfortable in his skin and we enjoy watching him, but again his execution is not as flawless as some who took the stage tonight. Competition is tight.  He needed to bring it tonight.

Side Note: Let’s bury the word SWAG. I think God is tired of us using it.. LOLOL… I got a fax from heaven saying so… I felt that in my spirit.. hahaha!

Paula Champion’s performance lacked luster in my opinion. It came down to it being the wrong song choice really.  She was tasked to sing “I’m Still Here” by Dorinda Clark Cole.  The key was much lower and actually awkward for someone like me to listen to because it was too laid back. I wish she would have rared back and let go. Let us see who she really is. Song Selection matters:  Paula could have done some Lejuene Thompson – Let God Do It, Just Like Heaven, or One More Sunny Day.  I think we need to dig deep into gospel discography on Sunday Best. Sometimes we need to pick the less commercial. Kim Burrell’s song aren’t commercial (not until Sweeter) and she had 4 CDs and some work on other projects before she had commercial success. Let’s pull from some of these other singers that have great songs.

Tasha Page Lockhart sang “I Am God” by Donald Lawrence and looked very at home at stage. I’m pulling for her and would buy her CD TODAY (if she had one).  She is a natural at this.  You can tell that she is her mother’s daughter and the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree.  She’s anointed too!!!! Her green dress complimented her skin tone.  Great job all around.  She’s my vote (unless she gets prematurely voted off- which she better not be).

Odell Bunton Jr. is a gifted and anointed singer and he sang “In the Morning” by the Winans.  I wonder sometimes what people think about when they sing Winans songs and a Winan is a judge.. He executed the song in the laid back Marvin Winans style.  Donnie is the only one who picked up the fact that he was a bit pitchy tonight and I appreciate that in him in a judge.  He did take it to church at the end.

Kefia Rollerson sang “My God is an Awesome God’ tonight and the arrangement was so world music /middle eastern sounding.  It might have been a bit of a risk judging by the judges faces.  She finally transitioned in to the traditional version and she sang it beautifully.  That is a downloadable tune provided that it is more than 2 minutes long.

Tyler Little is yet holding on!  I’m glad that he is. He “quartet christened”  Fred Hammond’s “Let the Praise Begin”.  He is a stomp down quartet sanging old dude!!! I love it!  Okay, I’d buy his CD tonight too!  I say he’s like a young Lee Williams. Stands up straight. Sing you into a frenzy. Reaches in that top inside coat pocket and wipes his brow.. Next song sir.. HA! I love it!

Joshua Rogers Joshua Rogers closed the show out with his rendition of Hezekiah Walker’s “The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow”.  I might as well go on in it.  I’m tired of hearing and seeing Joshua sing cover songs.  I love him and his personality. He’s gracious and humble every time I have the opportunity to interact with him.  Let’s not let him fall through the cracks!  I’m glad that Music World isn’t the master owners of the show’s winner’s now, but someone should take that young man into the studio and get him a good CD project so we can enjoy HIM and not COVER songs.. I get it I really do, but it makes me mad that he’s being done like this. He was the first male winner after all.  Again, he is a talented and anointed young man.  Let’s help him and push for some new original music from him.

Well,  who will NOT continue on…?

Paula Champion – She’s an awesome singer, but I just didn’t see it tonight. No hate but that was a wrong song choice for her. She should have done some Lejuene Thompson 

Odell Bunton Jr. – We’ll see him again.  

Top 4 

Kefia, Tasha, Tyler, and Vernold

My prediction for the top 3

Tasha Page Lockhart, Kefia Rollerson and Tyler Little.


hmmm not ready to make that call yet.. but the picture of Tasha Page Lockhart should say who I’m rooting for!


Joshua Rogers IMG_0208I had the pleasure of traveling to the C-Room in Atlanta Georgia to hear several artists, but among them was the Sunday Best Winner Joshua Rogers.  I interviewed him, which I will post later, but I also had the chance to enjoy his song ministry.

Joshua took the stage with a crisp white shirt and vest coupled with Jeans, a red watch, red sneakers and a fresh mohawk.  He’s a humble and kind person.  Here’s a combined clip of the set from that night:

For more videos catching some of the greatest gospel artists, subscribe to our sister site, Lyric TV on Youtube.

Joshua Rogers

Joshua Rogers, the first male to win Sunday Best and the youngest winner ever, is currently prepping for the  November 20th debut release on Music World Gospel.

Joshua has the pipes!  I hope that the CD contains some original tunes and not just the songs that he performed on BET Sunday Best… Someone please tell Matthew Knowles what I just said!

We all shall see on November 20th!

Enjoy Joshua singing “Jesus You’re the Center of My Joy”  courtesy of HighPraize1 on You tube




BET Sunday Best Grand Finale Recap- The battle between Alexis and Joshua came to an end tonight, but I really enjoyed the ride!  Congratulations Joshua Rodgers!

The Kings Men (Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, and Israel Houghton) opened up the show with an acoustic remix set of Kirk Franklin’s “Smile”. Kirk was on a RHODES!!! They fellas transitioned into “Ooo Child”, then into “Stand”, “Friend of God”, and “The Best In Me”.

If that is what we are in store for on the Kings Men Tour, you better get your ticket now!!

Kirk came back in an ultra tailored brown suit jacket and beige pants. He was sharp as usual!

This episode is filled with musical delights!

Watching Joshua Rodgers’ journey brought the following to my attention: He didn’t have much of a journey to take because he was ready for this competition from jump! In my opinion, there was never any doubt that he would be a finalist.
Joshua Rodgers sang “Rain on Us” by Daniel Moore Sr. and sounded like a young Earnest Pugh. He was dressed casually cool in a light blue jacket and skinny jeans.

Cece- “Total control from beginning to end”
Yolanda- “I enjoyed everything”
Donnie- “There’s a consecrated man standing here”

Kurt Carr came to the stage next with “In the Sanctuary” and “Peace and Favor” . I tell you what- His singers had some heavy vibrato. They could’ve sang with James Hall easy.

Alexis Spight’s journey came up next. I loved watching my girl @lyrically_lexi on her journey and it showed how versatile she really is. She came in stylish so she didn’t need the show to give her an image.

Alexis sang “The Power of the Blood”- She started her performance in a robe looking like a young evangelist with her fresh curly red weave. She stopped the music, came out of the robe and took us to the 60‘s British invasion on this song. She just has style people. She took it to church at the end and owned the stage.

Donnie- “It was fabulous”. Donnie jumped up and started dancing.. OMG!
CeCe- “I cant’ get over how we got from Power in the Blood to Donnie doing the twist n shout”.
Yolanda- “You are such a breath of fresh air”

Marvin Winans came out next and serenaded us with his new single “Draw Me Close/Thy WIll Be Done”. I absolutely love this tune and it is a certified church wrecker.

Yolanda Adams left the judges seat to perform a song from her “Becoming” entitled “Living Proof”. Of course she had on those thigh high boots and a shirt with tights… Hmmm Yolanda… I guess that’s why she gets criticizing mail. I think that the kid dancers were a bit much, but if she wouldn’t broken it down with them to dance, it would’ve been much better. I will say that her hair looked fabulous!

The second hour of Sunday Best kicked off with Tye Tribette and singing “Victory” while beating on some buckets. I’m glad Tye is back to the game changing sound he introduced. I have high hopes for this new CD! He’s still flying all over the place. My momma said “he’s a wild man”.. LOL!!! She also chimed in “what kind of pants does he have on? Those are high waters. Not too many people can copy him cause he’s a wild man”. She trips me out watching this show with me.

Alexis came back out in the second hour singing “The Great I Am” which is one of my favorite songs. I don’t think that the judges were feeling it too much. She tried to jazz it up too much I think but I don’t think that is out of character for Alexis. Her make up was great, but I’m not digging the curly weave on her. It made her look older.

Ledisi stepped onto the Sunday Best stage to sing “The Ladder”. Ledisi has amazing control and a wonderful voice. She can just flat foot sang!!! I enjoyed her performance.

Joshua Rodgers took the audience to church with “I’m Still Standing”. He is just a straight up singer!!!!! Both of the contestants went in at the end of the song.. SHOUT CHILDREN!!!! SHOUT!!!! MY GOD!

Donnie, CeCe, and Yolanda gave their last words in the form of a song “Only What You Do for Christ Will Last”.

Kim Burrell, the vocal coach and judge, sang “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes with the two finalists. The performance was smooth and jazzy which is just right up their alley. They sounded great together. I hope they do a duet on each of their respective CDs.

When it all fell down, the winner this season is Joshua Rodgers! The first male to ever win! Congratulations! I hope that he gets good producers to assist on his first CD. I pray that it isn’t a compilation of all the songs he did on Sunday Best. I’m just saying Music World.. anywhoo!!

It’s been real people!!


bET sunday best

Finishing off its highest rated season in series history, SUNDAY BEST season five culminates Sunday, September 2nd at 8:00 P.M.* with two back-to-back episodes featuring electrifying performances by some of today’s top gospel and soul hit makers including Kurt Carr, Marvin Winans, Ledisi, Tye Tribbett, Israel Houghton and Marvin Sapp. SUNDAY BEST judges Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin and host Kirk Franklin are also slated to take the stage to deliver rousing sets of their most celebrated tracks.

After nine weeks of fierce competition, the field has narrowed to two finalists, South Carolina’s Joshua Rogers and Kansas’ Alexis Spight, going head to head in the finale. In addition to the coveted SUNDAY BEST title, the winner of season five will receive a national recording contract with Music World Gospel, a cash prize, and an exclusive prize from Ford. SUNDAY BEST season five is hosted by Kirk Franklin with celebrity judges Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams and Cece Winans with vocal mentor Kim Burrell. 

SUNDAY BEST, television’s #1 gospel series each year, achieved a new franchise high on Sunday, August 19.  The SUNDAY BEST season five episode 9 is the #1 telecast in SUNDAY BEST history drawing in 2.2 Million viewers during its time slot, making it one of the Top 10 Ad-Supported Cable Telecasts for the weekend.  Episode 9 also ranked #1 in its time period across all Ad-Supported Cable Networks among Adults 18-49 (906K P18-49). The series continues to reign as the #1 reality competition show on cable and ranks among BET’s top series ever in the third quarter. Season five episodes have been Cable’s #1 Telecasts among African-American viewers every Sunday since the season launch.

For continuous SUNDAY BEST updates, please visit Best. Also, follow SUNDAY BEST on Twitter at (hash tag: #BETSundayBest) and Facebook fan page at

bET sunday best

Tonight was a huge night for BET’s Sunday Best competition. The two 18 year old contestants, Alexis Spight and Joshua Rogers, are the final standing and this could be the beginning of a new life for one of the two. We know that both of them can sing and sing well.  What does it come down to?  It comes down to your votes. 

Well we’ll be recapping the episode, adding commentary, and hopefully starting a discussion in this blog.

Amber Bullock opened up the show tonight dressed in a cute black and white outfit with a huge feminine tie complete with fabulous black and white shoes. She sang her new single from her CD “So in Love” entitled “Lord You’ve Been So Good”. She had dancers and she danced a little in the hook at the end… Get it amber!

Kirk Franklin came out in an all white suite complete with a polka dot tie! Was he sharp?  Uh huh!

Alexis Spight was up first and her flashback moments proved why she needs to be in the final round. Her vocal stylings guarantee that she’ll have a record deal and her red coif will secure her a place in the gospel hair style trailblazer gallery.


AT&T Customers can text your vote for Alexis to the number 1 to 79922

Call 888-523- 7801 or 1888-5BEST-01

Alexis opened up with “And Yet I’m Still Saved” by Donald Lawrence.  She sang the song with ease but I’m not sure it was her best performance.  The crowd didn’t really seem to be involved, but she still sounded good.

Kirk Franklin asked the judges to give words of encouragement.

CeCe – Just enjoy yourself. Find out God’s plan for your life

Donnie- I enjoyed what you did. It was mature and I agree with CeCe- just enjoy yourself.

Yolanda – I love the confidence more than anything. Your love of God shows through what you sing.


Joshua Rogers is from a small town in SC called Greelyville and he can SANG! His flashback moment shows that he is one of the baddest young male vocalist in the game.   I hope he gets Dawkins and Dawkins to help him on his CD.  CLEARLY, they are the best fit for his ability.

Tonight he tackled “In The Middle” by Isaac Carree (who happened to be singing background- how awkward is that).  He churched the song and the crowd was on their feet.  Isaac bowed to him when he finished! Joshua just simply looked as if he was having a good time on stage.


AT&T Customers can text your vote for Joshua to the number 2 to  79922

Call 888-523-7802  or 1888-5BEST-02

CeCe–  Make sure you have a strong foundation

Donnie-  Stay accountable to people. You’re about to go around the world but you’re going to need accountability

Yolanda- You just bring this happiness and joy to gospel music.

Vashawn Mitchell sang his new single “Turning Around for Me”. The single is out now and the CD “Created 4 This” will be out this Tuesday August 28th everywhere CDs are sold.  You can get a deluxe edition from Walmart that includes the CD+DVD.  He was dressed sharp as always in a camel and black tuxedo style suit with an Asian flair to it.

Joshua’s second song, “Lord Lift Us Up Where We Belong” was powerful.  He nailed the notes and the performance was superb! He changed into a camel colored suit with a red shirt and plaid bowtie.  The judges were mixed in their review of Joshua’s performance, but overall agreed that his adlib was great.

Alexis’ second song was “Imagine Me” and it seemed kind of strange, but it just got better  The music had a hip hop twist to it.  I don’t think that was a good song choice for her because of where she is vocally but when she broke out rapping in the middle of the song and slid back into singing with the precision of Jill Scott, I was sold!  Kirk Franklin asked her to write a song for her album. The judges were pleased with her performance and she was admonished to continue to be herself.  I love her!

I almost wish they would make them to sing a song that they wrote.

You can vote 10 times per method so pick up your phone and vote people!!! Here is the information again.


AT&T Customers can text your vote for Alexis to the number 1 to 79922

Call 888-523-7801 or 1888-5BEST-01


AT&T Customers can text your vote for Joshua to the number 2 to  79922

Call 888-523-7802  or 1888-5BEST-02

The winner of Sunday Best gets a 2013 Ford Escape, a record deal with Music World Gospel, and cash!

Kirk Franklin put the rumors to rest and asked Alexis and Joshua were romantic.  Alexis answered promptly, “Brother and Sister”.

Rock the VOTE people!!!