In 1993 I went to a concert at the Bell Auditorium that revolutionized my life!  It was a John P. Kee concert.  It was a life changing moment for me.  I couldn’t help but watch the lady with the blond hair (don’t know her name- but I love hear her sing “I’ll Serve Him”). I loved the fact that they danced and did remixes to their songs using the Gap Band and all that stuff but I still felt the presence of the Lord in the room.

John P. Kee will always be my favorite singer and the New Life Community Choir will always have a special place in my heart.  His music was beyond it’s time and has continued throughout the years.  My children will listen to it and won’t be considered to be knowledgeable of gospel music until they have listened to every John P. Kee CD.. and trust me I have all of them!!!

Some of my favorite songs are “The Storm is Passing Over”, “Glory and Honor”, “Trading My Tomorrow” – the duet with Rance Allen, “I Won’t Leave You”, and “Show Up”.  I love the CD he recorded with Vanessa Bell Armstrong “The Secret Is Out” and John was making “love album music” long before there was a label on it.. If you listen to his duet with Vanessa Bell Armstrong (If I Had to Choose) on that CD, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

John P Kee made a permanent mark in my life with his music and he continues to amaze me!  He deserves all the honor that will be bestowed up him on Saturday with the James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award at the Stellar Awards.

Watch this video of an old school New Life moment!!! Whew! I love this one!!