Duet Wish List

BET’s Sunday Best revealed that the contestants are going to sing duets this Sunday on the show and it started me thinking- Who would I love to hear record/sing a duet?  Here is my list.

Tye Tribbett

Tye Tribbett

Tye Tribbett and Latice Crawford–  Ah! Both of these artists have

Latice working the red Carpet at the 29th Annual Stellar Awards - Photo credit Candace Hight

Latice working the red Carpet at the 29th Annual Stellar Awards – Photo credit Candace Hight

a unique sound!  It could be interesting.

CeCe Winans and Lexi Allen– These ladies have the sweetest voices in gospel music. I think they would do well together!

Alexis Spight and Kierra Sheard – I would love to hear this go down ASAP! They can tap J. Drew for some production and turn the gospel pop charts upside down!

Lisa Knowles and Joshua Rogers –  Runfest!!!! Squawl-fest!!! hahaha! I’d love it though and I bet it would take you all the way in. It would have to done in a live recording because I don’t think the studio does either party justice.

dorindaclarkcole1 2Dorinda Clark Cole and Le’Andria Johnson
– My gawd!!! You already know that this would take you in! It needs to be a churchy tune!

Pastor Marvin Winans and Duward Davis – Is Duward your long lost son?  LOL.

Brian Courtney Wilson and Melvin Williams
– Man this would be absolute heaven for me! It would need to be a smooth song and borderline quartet.. just flirt with the line a little but don’t cross it!

Lowell Pye and Wess Morgan –  I think their voices have similar tambour and I believe that they would do a great job on a hymn or something very contemporary.

NASHVILLE, TN - JANUARY 17:  (L-R) Lisa Page Brooks and Tasha Page-Lockhart attend BMI's 2014 Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards Luncheon at Rocketown on January 17, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

NASHVILLE, TN – JANUARY 17: (L-R) Lisa Page Brooks and Tasha Page-Lockhart attend BMI’s 2014 Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards Luncheon at Rocketown on January 17, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Tasha Page Lockhart and Lisa Page Brooks – I’m praying that there is one on Tasha’s upcoming CD! Of course, the mother- daughter combo has wowed audiences in the past, but I’d love to hear this!! If you’ve never experienced them both live, you have missed a treat!







Lowell 400x400

Lowell 400x400Lowell Pye,  a man on a mission to transform his life and solo musical career, has made a giant leap in the right direction with this latest project, “Transformed”.  We’ve heard sneak previews of the project for some time now with the wonderful singles that have reached the airways.

The first gem was “Alright”, the Motown, drop the top, and ride song that assures listeners that God will make it alright. I literally sat at my desk and cried when I heard “Perfect” because it ministered to my heart when I thought of how much God loves me even though I’ve let him down on occasion.  I’m sure we call can agree that we need Jesus so “Need You” speaks to the heart of our salvation experience.   These songs were merely a taste of what is waiting for your ear on the complete CD which will be available on Tuesday January 28th.

It is often said that the sophomore CD can make or break an artist. There are no signs of the so called “Sophmore curse” on Pye’s “Transformed”. If anything, he appears to be more comfortable with who he is as a person and a gospel artist.

Lowell gives us his heart on this CD and he truly shows his versatility as an artist. He can go to church, a quartet concert, and then do urban contemporary with ease.

You need to add this CD to your collection today.

My Fav 5 – Don’t misunderstand me. The entire CD is great.  These are simply my favorites.

  1. Perfect – This song touched my heart when I heard it. I was speechless and in tears while I listened.  If you haven’t heard it, please do yourself a favor and download it today!
  2. Wonder – The phrase “It’s too late, I done got stirred up” is classic. The beat is driving and it is truly a touch of contemporary quartet.
  3. He’s that Kind of Friend– To remake a Walter Hawkins classic is no easy take and Lowell sings it well. I loved this song since I was a child.
  4. Nobody Like You– This song found a great home with Lowell. He sings this urban contemporary ballad effortlessly
  5. Never Leave Me Alone– Lowell and Minion’s duet is a match made in heaven. It was PERFECT!!!

Impeccable Songwriting

It all starts with great lyrics and “Transformed” doesn’t leave us wanting. Lowell lined up some great songwriters in the following people:

  • Claude Deuce, Bracy Yarborough- “Nobody like you”
  • Kenny Smith, Joe Jackson -“Never Leave Me Alone”
  • Josiah Martin “Perfect”
  • Don Boynton “I Need You” Co-written by Lowell Pye
  • Darnell Williams- ” Wonder”
  • Sean Scales- “Alright”
  • Gerald Jones, Carlos Woodward, Justin Francis – “I Believe God”
  • Special shouts out to Derrick Stevenson of PureTonez for arranging the Hymn Medley.

Executive Producers: Lowell Pye and Derrick Stevenson

Rating: 4.75 Stars (only because I want more than 11 songs!!)

Track Listing:

  1. Alright
  2. Perfect
  3. Wonder
  4. I Need you
  5. Keep Pressing
  6. I Believe God
  7. Hymn Medley
  8. Heart’s Desire
  9. He’s that Kind of Friend
  10. Nobody Like You
  11. Never Leave Me Alone

Join Lowell in Atlanta for his CD release on 1/28/14

Lowell CD Release

Lowell 3

Lowell 3Lowell Pye’s sophomore solo project “Transformed” is going to be well worth the wait. His latest single “Perfect” is a declaration of God’s ability to look beyond where we are now and see us somewhere in our future or should we say like he intended us to be. 

Written by Josiah “Jo Jo” Martin, Perfect, is a heartfelt, transparent look into Lowell’s transformation.The song speaks to God’s love for us no matter where we are in life, but it doesn’t glorify the mistakes we make. Lowell’s vocals are impeccable on this song, but what else do you expect from him?!   

Check the song out here for yourself:

Call the radio station to request this song! You will not be disappointed.   

The lyrics are simple and touching. Here are a few of my favorites lines from the song:  

Yes I know I made some mistakes, You still see me like I’m perfect. Even though sometimes I’m worthless, You still see me like I’m perfect.

You see me for where I will be/Not where I am right now/You know everything about me/And you still love me somehow.

Transformed will be released on October 22, 2013 so download it on Itunes or Amazon. Follow Lowell on Twitter for the latest updates @lowellpye or Like him on Facebook!

Flood Lowell’s twitter feed and Facebook page with comments on the song! Share the song! Talk about it!

Lowell Pye Transformed CD Cover

Lowell Pye Transformed CD CoverThe excitement around the release of Lowell Pye’s sophomore project “Transformed” is growing and he just released a picture of the CD Cover and it looks great!  The official release date for the project is October 22, 2013 and it will be available everywhere CDs are sold.  

I love the modern contemporary look of the cover and Low looks fabulous!

Known for being able to morph between contemporary gospel and traditional gospel, Lowell Pye has one of the richest voices in the industry.  We’ve already heard two singles from the project, “Alright” and “I Need You”  and we are ready to hear the remaining songs!

Pre-Order your copy today on Amazon or I-Tunes or Preview the two singles and purchase the first solo project right here!

Follow Lowell on Twitter @lowellpye and Like him on Facebook!


Transformed Track Listing

1. Alright

2. Perfect

3. I Wonder

4. I Need You

5. Keep Pressing

6. I Believe God

7. Hymn Medley

8. Heart Like Yours

9. That Kind of Friend

10. Nobody Like You

11. Never Leave Me



Tasha Page Brooks & Friends

Tasha Page Brooks & FriendsBET Sunday Best Season 6 Finalist Tasha Page-Lockhart takes center stage in her hometown of Detroit. Joining Page-Lockhart is fellow Sunday Best Finalist Kefia Rollerson in a benefit concert on Monday September 2, 2013 at Christian Tabernacle as she advocates for a segment of our youth who have often been forgotten. The Development Center For Pregnant Teenagers, a Federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit, hopes to raise awareness to the many dangers and contributing factors which contribute to unplanned births to teenagers. The benefit concert will raise funding necessary to support vulnerable young parents and their children.

Joining BET Sunday Best Season 6 Finalists Page-Lockhart and Rollerson, is Larry Callahan, Selected of God newcomer Bobby Newt, and Detroit’s own Amish J. McDonald. Attendees won’t be disappointed as they will be treated to both old favorites and new music from Lisa Page-Brooks (I Want To Say Thank You) and Lowell Pye all performing LIVE–accompanied by world class musicians under the incomparable music direction of Cliff Lockhart. All performances promise to capture the spirit of compassion and provide tangible support and hope in situations that may seem hopeless through the eyes of a child.

Page-Lockhart, once a teen challenged with a teen pregnancy, knows firsthand what obstacles young parents face, and lends her voice and talent in an effort to raise funds and provide the opportunities and safety net that she didn’t always have. The Development Center For Pregnant Teenagers Founder Charita Douglas shares, “While there are many pregnant teens that have family support, our mission is to advance the welfare of the over one million who don’t. We are grateful for the advocacy support Tasha is providing and seeing her strength has been a blessing.”

In a city that refuses to be defeated, Detroit has rallied around Page-Lockhart as she continues to compete in her quest on what is reportedly the highest rated season of BET Sunday Best. Hosted by Randi Miles, this benefit concert promises celebrity sightings during the Red Carpet arrivals hosted by Praise 102.7, no shortage of Detroit’s journalists, music critics and paparazzi, and a who’s who list of attendees. Get there early – the Praise 102.7 promotional team will be there with give-a-ways and unique event opportunities! Red Carpet arrivals start at 5:00pm and the Benefit Concert hours are 6:00-10:00pm. General admission tickets are $20.00.

The Tasha Page-Lockhart and Friends Benefit Concert will be hosted at Christian Tabernacle located at 26555 Franklin St, Southfield Detroit and will feature state of the art production, lighting and concert visuals guaranteed to captivate both the attending and global audience! Viewers across the globe in real time will have the opportunity-together, in a very real and tangible way, to make a difference in the lives of teenagers. Get your tickets here (http://www.eventbrite.com/event/7775676257) or donate today.

About Tasha Page Lockhart
Tasha Page-Lockhart was born and raised in the gospel music capitol of the world, Detroit, Michigan. Since a little girl, she’s been honing her craft as a successful gospel singer with the influence and direction of her mother, Lisa Page (Brooks), a founding member of the gospel group Witness.

When she was a child, she sang jingles for K-Mart, Dodge, Caravan, Bisquick, and the United Way. In 2001, after Witness returned from a brief performing hiatus, Tasha became the youngest member of the group. She has traveled the world on international tours throughout Europe and in 2011, appeared on Jawn Murray’s compilation CD “Untapped”.

She has starred in stage plays including the hit stage play “Church Girl”, which was filmed and also aired on BET. She has performed with heavyweights of the industry as she toured in stage plays: “Finding First Lady”, “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys”, “I Need a Man”, and has brought her phenomenal vocals to the stage with vocal powerhouses like Angela Winbush, Rubin Studdard, Kierra Sheard and her mother Karen Clark Sheard.

It should be of no surprise, that in June 2013, she auditioned and earned herself a chance to compete with the nation’s other top gospel singers as a contestant on season 6 of BET’s Sunday’s Best–the popular gospel singing competition hosted by Kirk Franklin. Tasha Page-Lockhart is a daughter, wife, mother and servant of the Lord blessed with an anointing for this generation.

Follow Tasha Page-Lockhart on Twitter, @TashaLockhart, Facebook, Instagram: @TashaPageLockhart and visit her website http://www.tashapage-lockhart.com/!

Coach Jason Nelson Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Coach Jason Nelson Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Coach Jason Nelson Photo Credit: Candace Hight

We enjoyed the RTGM Celebrity Basketball Game at Trevecca Nazarene University.  The gospel community came together to say let’s save the children in front of a jam packed gym filled with fans and basketball lovers alike.

Alexis Spight sang “Imagine Me” during halftime and there were plenty of celebrity sightings on the court such as James Fortune, Ben Tankard and Jason Nelson.  We had a chance to interview several of the players in the locker room as well as other celebrities that were on site.

Check out this video recap of some of the activity from the game and review the photo gallery below:

Isaac's Jersey  Photo Credit- Candace Hight

Isaac’s Jersey Photo Credit- Candace Hight

RTMG Basketball  Photo Credit: Candace Hight

RTMG Basketball Photo Credit: Candace Hight

RTMG Basketball Photo Credit: Candace Hight

RTMG Basketball Photo Credit: Candace Hight

RTMG Game Photo Credit: Candace Hight

RTMG Game Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Ben Tankard Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Ben Tankard Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Alexis Spight Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Alexis Spight Photo Credit: Candace Hight

The Wardlaw Brothers Photo Credit: Candace Hight

The Wardlaw Brothers Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Isaac Caree in the locker room Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Isaac Caree in the locker room Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Zacardi Cortez Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Zacardi Cortez Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Cheneta Jones Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Cheneta Jones Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Livre Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Livre Photo Credit: Candace Hight

Lowell 300x300

Lowell Pye is back with a sophomore CD project entitled “Transformed” on the horizon.  He dropped his first single “Alright” and it’s hot. It has a Motown tradition feel to it, but it’s still modern and fresh. Imagine yourself (like me) driving around in my Chevy with the top back thinking about the goodness of the Lord!  Listen and let me know what you think.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!


Fans of the gospel music genre remember Lowell Pye as one of the energetic front men of John P. Kee’s New Life Community Choir and a co-founder of the male quartet “Men of Standard”.  In 2010, Lowell released a solo CD entitled “Finally” to rave reviews. Over the years, Lowell’s voice never lost its potency but he experienced substantial weight gain.  He started diets that he didn’t follow through with, exercised very little, and continued to eat late at night. After 15 years of struggling with health issues related to obesity and a bout with depression, Lowell lost 65 pounds and is on journey for total health in mind, body, and spirit thanks to a group of caring friends and a personal commitment to change.

Lowell’s journey to transformation began on September 11th, 2011 when he thought he was going to visit with a consultant associated with the hit NBC TV series, “The Biggest Looser” for a nutritional plan.  He was unaware that this seemingly routine consultation would change his life and set him on a course of emotional healing, physical fitness, and renewed spiritual focus. The consultant was determined to get to the root cause of the weight gain and lack of drive to continue on a healthy path.  During the session, Lowell opened up describing how he “battled with depression”, felt like he didn’t like himself and how he didn’t think anyone else liked him.  He described how he received satisfaction from singing but he was “singing in pain and hurt”.  He experienced a gambit of emotions during the session, from crying to being upset because he felt like his friends “set him up”.  Although he remained upset, he opened up further by shared things from his past that he had never shared with anyone.

The following day, Lowell made a decision to consult God about it by asking him to “show me what they were talking about”.  He realized during his private time with God that he was lacked drive and wanted things to happen without a consistent effort on his part.   He read Romans 12:1-2 in the Bible. This scripture states that Christians should “be transformed by the renewing” of their minds. These verses, although he heard them preached several times before, were like a “bomb that went off” inside of him and he realized that change begins when a person makes up their mind to change. From that moment on, Lowell has been focused on “moving forward and living a healthy life”.  He isn’t just focused on the health side, but he is also making strides towards spiritual, financial and emotion health as well.  He’s made a life change.

Lowell’s regimen consists of 6 small meals a day (3 meals and 3 snacks). He eats baked chicken, tilapia, salmon, broccoli, spinach, brown rice, almonds, watermelon, and  protein shakes to name a few items.  He drinks unsweetened tea with Equal and hydrates by drinking at least a gallon of water per day. He actually cooked the meals for 21 days to establish healthy eating choices but now is able to go enjoy restaurants.  He stays within the same healthy choices when he goes out to eat.

Lowell exercises at least 1.25 hours in the gym at varied frequencies.  He didn’t hire a trainer, but he found an exercise regimen that works for him.  He started out by doing a lot cardio and has added weights for strength training.  He walks the track and has started to play basketball to ensure movement.  He also added the elliptical machine to his workout. He started at a comfortable pace and worked his way up to where he is now able to sustain at least 30-35 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Lowell’s story resounds with the population because many struggle with weight loss and weight gain for various reasons so naturally, when he began posting his progress on Facebook and Twitter, he received tremendous feedback.  He formed “Team Transformed” where he posts his progress and those on the journey inform him of their progress as well.  Lowell recalled a time when he posted a comment about his struggle with depression and how “amazing” the response was and he even received a comment from a person who was in the hospital because of diabetes.  The man wanted to know what Lowell did to overcome and Lowell was able to assist because of his personal fight with weight.  Team Transformed is centered on the whole person and not just the physical aspect, although it plays a great part.

He acknowledges that having people to hold you accountable is very important. His support system consists of members of the gym he attends, his friends, and his family.  His sisters are now on their journey to a healthier lifestyle because of his influence. He says he’s learned that “you can’t have people around you that like what you like or like to eat as much as you do”. He’s motivated by the fact that he feels good, walks pain free, and motivates other people to start their individual journey to health.  He is also motivated by his desire see his son graduate from high school and go on to college one day.

Lowell’s journey is continuing to evolve.  He no longer has to take medication for high blood pressure.  His vocal range has improved and he can breathe better.  He is now walking without a limp and no longer has lower back pain. He recalled a time where he would be embarrassed to go out because he couldn’t fit in the seats or chair and people would laugh.  He admitted that “you have to be honest with yourself” because it does hurt when people laugh, but he’s now more focused than ever and he’s determined to move forward.

His attitude, will and drive are all different as well.  He is very proactive in his career and  he wants to be successful.  He’s emphasized that being proactive applies to more than just his career related activities. He is more proactive in his finances, housekeeping, and other areas. He stated that he’s “thinking more freely” and although you cannot see these attributes they are an important part of his journey.

Lowell is an inspiration and he reminded us that sometimes friends and family members can see what you can’t or are not willing to address.  He now appreciates how his friends helped him on September 11th, the day his journey began. He made a decision not to have a surgery to lose weight and in dealing with the whole man, has showed and continues to show those struggling with their health that it can be done.  It takes a made up mind, focus, and determination. Lowell’s new CD, appropriately entitled “Transformed”, is due for release in the summer of 2012.


If you are in the Atlanta area during the Dove Awards week, you’ll quickly realize that there are plenty of showcases and parties to attend to celebrate the gospel and gospel music.

Urban Soul Cafe presents a Pre-Dove Show on Tuesday April 19th at 595 North Event Venue and Lounge located at 595 North NW Atlanta 30318.  The show starts at 6:30 and includes indie artists as well as some of main stream gospel’s finest such as:

  • Lowell Pye
  • Wess Morgan
  • Deitrick Haddon
  • Canton Jones

Tickets are $10 in advanced and can be purchased on line at www.urbansoulcafe.com.  Don’t sleep.  Be there!


The nominations for the 42nd Annual Dove Awards are in and there is some good news and some pleasant surprises.  Here is a condensed list of the nominees with familiar names related to the “gospel” genre:

Male Vocalist of the Year
Doug Anderson
Chris August
Jason Crabb
Brandon Heath
Israel Houghton
Marvin Sapp
Chris Tomlin

New Artist of the Year
Audrey Assad
Chris August
Forever Jones
John Mark McMillan
No Other Name
Kerrie Roberts
Kristian Stanfill

Artist of the Year
Francesca Battistelli
Jason Crabb
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Natalie Grant
Marvin Sapp
Chris Tomlin

Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year
“Background”; Rehab; LeCrae; Lecrae Moore, Andy Mineo, Alex Medina, George Ramirez, Joseph Prielozny; Reach Records
“Calling You”; Five-Two Television; KJ-52; Jonah Sorrentino; BEC Recordings
“No Be Nah”; Sex, Drugs and Self-Control; John Reuben; John Zappin, Seth Earnest; Gotee Records
“Too Many Fakes”; The British Are Coming; JayEss; JayEss; Zoe Records
“Walking on the Stars”; Outta Space Love; Group 1 Crew; Manwell Reyes, Pablo Villatoro, Andy Anderson; Fervent Records/Word Records

Urban Recorded Song of the Year
“All I Need”; Just Love Deluxe; Brian Courtney Wilson; Stan Jones; Music World Gospel
“Finally”; Finally; Lowell Pye; Asaph A. Ward; Miralex Records
“He Knows”; All In One; Karen Clark Sheard; Kendall Hunter, James L. Moss, Paul D. Allen; Karew, EMI Gospel
“Life”; Life; Beckah Shae; Rebecca Shocklee, Jack Shocklee; Shae Shoc Records
“Wait On the Lord”; The British Are Coming; Lola Godheld; Lola Godheld; Zoe Records

Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year
“Favor”; A City Called Heaven; Shirley Caesar; David Frazier; Light Records, Shu-Bel Records
“Go Tell It On The Mountain”; Because It’s Christmas; Jason Crabb; Public Domain; Spring Hill Music Group
“Jesus Has Been This Way Before”; The British Are Coming; Beverly Moore; Beverly Moore; Zoe Records
“The Greatest Name”; Smokie Norful Presents; Victory Cathedral Choir; Smokie Norful; EMI Gospel, TreMyles Music
“The Master Plan”; The Master Plan; Tamela Mann; Tamela Mann, Myron Butler; Tillymann Music Group

Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song of the Year
“He Wants It All”; Get Ready; forever JONES; Dominique’ Jones; EMI Gospel
“I Choose to Worship”; Under an Open Heaven; Wess Morgan; Wess Morgan, Joseph Morgan; Bowtie World Music
“Nobody Greater”; Triumphant; VaShawn Mitchell, Darius Paulk; EMI Gospel
“The Best In Me”; Here I Am; Marvin Sapp; Marvin Sapp, Aaron Lindsey; Verity
“You Hold My World”; Love God. Love People.; Israel Houghton; Aaron Lindsey, Israel Houghton, Tommy Sims; Integrity Music

Between Two Worlds; Trip Lee; DJ Official, J.R, Joseph Priclozny, Trip Lee; Reach Records
Outta Space Love; Group 1 Crew; David Garcia, Andy Anderson, Christopher Stevens; BEC Recordings
Rapture Ruckus; Rapture Ruckus; Joe Baldridge, Rapture and Nic Manders; BEC Recordings
Rehab; Lecrae; Cheesebeats, PK, Benjah, J.R, Alex Medina, Sky; Reach Records
Sex, Drugs and Self-Control; John Reuben; John Reuben and Seth Earnest; Gotee Records

Traditional Gospel Album of the Year
A City Called Heaven; Shirley Caesar; James Robinson, Shirley Caesar, Michael Mathis; Light Records/Shu-Bel Records
At the Revival; Mighty Clouds Of Joy; Raphael Saadiq & Donald Degrate; EMI Gospel
Smokie Norful Presents; Victory Cathedral Choir; Jason Tyson & Smokie Norful for One World Productions; TreMyles/EMI Gospel
The Master Plan; Tamela Mann; David & Tamela Mann, Myron Butler, Terrell Carter; Tillymann Music Group
Waymaker; The Original Messengers; Darrell Luster; 4 Winds/Malaco

Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year
Get Ready; forever JONES; Tommy Sims; EMI Gospel
Gospel According to Jazz 3; Kirk Whalum; Kirk Whalum; Ryko
Here I Am; Marvin Sapp; Aaron Lindsey; Verity Gospel Music Group
Love God. Love People.; Israel Houghton; Israel Houghton, Aaron Lindsey, Tommy Sims; Integrity Music
Triumphant; VaShawn Mitchell; VaShawn Mitchell & Daniel Weatherspoon; EMI Gospel

For a complete list of nominees, please visit the Gospel Music Channel website.