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bET sunday bestEvery year we feature a editorial commentary on BET Sunday Best and this year will be no different.  Join the conversation with us and watch the show to see who will become the winner of BET’s Sunday Best.

Twitterverse and Facebook has been plastered with comments about a seemingly docile young man who rose up and went up off on Kim Burrell because he felt disrespected during his Sunday Best audition.  My question is – Was he justified?  This same young man also auditioned for Simeon, Randy and Paula on American Idol some years ago when his dreads were not a long… hmmmm…. kinda makes you question the flip flop.  We have both videos posted below so you can see for yourself.

Kim Burrell I’ve watched the video and I felt that Pastor Kim Burrell and Pastor Donnie should have held their side conversation until the contestant exited the stage. That is only common courtesy.  The contestants do travel a great distance and make sacrifices to try to make it to the big stage so I only believe it to be common courtesy to give them that respect and allow them to finish their audition and receive their feedback in a non hostile, less joking environment.

The fact that he auditioned for American Idol too brings up a situation that has been surrounding Sunday Best for a while.

There was speculation as of whether or not people use Sunday Best to “make it” when they cannot make it on shows like

Y’Anna Crawley delivers a rousing performance in tribute to Richard Smallwood at the 15th Annual BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Awards Luncheon, held January 17 in Nashville.  Photo by Erika Goldring

Y’Anna Crawley delivers a rousing performance in tribute to Richard Smallwood at the 15th Annual BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Awards Luncheon, held January 17 in Nashville.
Photo by Erika Goldring

America Idol or when they can’t make it in the R&B world.  The rumors surround Le’Andria Johnson, Y’Anna Crawley, and others that have recently been on the show.

The results of the platform have been called into question given the history of the artists that have won the competition or came in as a runner up.  Most are trapped in contracts with Music World with no clear way out:  Joshua Rogers, Andrea Helms, and Amber Bullock seem to have stifled careers even though they are all great vocalists.  We’ve only seen 5 albums between all of them and about 3 of those were filled with performances from the show.   Very disappointing.  Le’Andria finally got out of her Music World deal and is signed to RCA Inspirations so we look for great music from her in the future.  We only heard one CD from Y’Anna Crawley who recorded that initial recording with Buster and Shavoni.  Crystal Aiken hasn’t been heard from with a solo project of her own since coons day (had to throw a little humor in), but she disclosed her plans for a new CD on the red carpet at the 29th Annual Stellar Awards. Hopefully, we’ll see something this year from her.

Le'Andria's Performance at the 28th Annual Stellar Awards Photo Credit: Rick Damon

Le’Andria’s Performance at the 28th Annual Stellar Awards Photo Credit: Rick Damon

It seems more advantageous to loose rather than to win.  Jessica Reedy made waves in the industry.  Latice Crawford’s career is blossoming as well at RCA.  Alexis Spight is doing very well and stays busy on the road.

So, if Dennis finally makes it the stage on BET Sunday Best, what chance does he really have to “be somebody” as he so argued to Pastor Donnie.   Simeon Cowell gave him a firm no but he still got a golden ticket to American Idol.  Well it was mainly because of Paula Abdul advocating for him.

Watch and see for yourself.






Dennis on Sunday Best- Kierra was giving constructive feedback

Dennis on American Idol- he actually got a golden ticket… I wonder if he got saved after this experience?? #IJS




Andrea’s New Single “Yesterday” Impacting Gospel Radio 

Promotional Tour Kicks Off in Dallas

Mathew Knowles’ Music World Gospel and BET’s Sunday Best Season 4 first-runner up, Andrea (pronounced Ahn-drea) Helms, releases her new CD, Moving Forward, on March 6, 2012.

As Music World Gospel releases its third project from the Sunday Best brand, Andrea prepares for the release of her first single, Mary Mary’s “Yesterday,” and her first promotional tour, in her hometown of Dallas, Texas (see dates below). “I am very excited about my new project,” says Andrea. “On this album, I relive the moments from my time on Sunday Best. It’s an honor to re-record a song initially sung for the judges of the show, who I’ve been a fan of for a long time.  This CD is amazing. I am both proud of and humbled by the way this project turned out. And I am so grateful to Mathew Knowles for giving me this opportunity. I’m living my dream because he saw the potential in me.”

Moving Forward is a seven song EP that features some of her most memorable performances on Sunday Best.  The CD offers an iTunes exclusive of “Wind Beneath My Wings” as a presale incentive to purchase the CD.  However, the song will not appear on the project.

“Andrea is a very special and unique talent. When I initially saw her on Sunday Best, I knew immediately that she was someone I wanted to sign to the label,” says Mathew Knowles, founder, President and CEO of Music World Gospel. “We look forward to working with her to expand her music ministry by developing her career as a recording artist.”

If living this dream of a recording artist wasn’t enough.  Andrea was recently requested by the Dr. Bernice King to sing at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Monday, January 16 (  Andrea, who performed “Change” at the ceremony, said this has been her greatest honor as a musical artist.  “I felt like I was a part of history that day.  The feeling of standing in the same place Dr. King stood was very humbling.  The family was so genuine and sweet.  I was received with open arms.  As I stood there looking out over the audience, I saw different races and backgrounds worshipping God together.  It is evident that his philosophy and teachings are still shaping our culture.”

Andrea is a lifelong singer and worshipper.  On Moving Forward, Andrea felt it was especially intimidating to perform songs made popular by outstanding singers such as Tremaine Hawkins and Whitney Houston, whose musicianship she most admires, along with Mariah Carey and Martha Munizzi. There is no doubt that she has successfully put her stamp on the seven songs on the CD.  She offers a powerful, soulful and bluesy turn on Sunday Best judges Mary Mary’s song, “Yesterday,” which is her first single from the CD.  Her version of Richard Smallwood’s classic “I Love the Lord” is uniquely her own.  She also puts her own spin on the highly popular praise and worship song, “Because Of Who You Are,” written by Martha and Daniel Munizzi, as well as on Donald Lawrence’s songs “The Heaven Are Telling (A Mighty God We Serve)” and “Encourage Yourself.”  One of the most talked about moments of the season was when Amber Bullock and Andrea Helms performed a duet, “Moving Forward,” penned by Ricardo Sanchez, during the show’s finale. Andrea and Amber offer a powerful rendition of that song for this CD.

Andrea is especially drawn to the song, “Change,” on the CD because of her personal story. The recording includes some of her testimony. “From the time that my mother was carrying me, doctors told her that I would be a vegetable and that I would never talk or walk, but I was born a healthy 8 pound 2 ounce baby,” she said. “God performed a miracle. I wasn’t even supposed to be able to talk, and He gave me the ability to sing. Then, years later, when I had my son, I dealt with severe postpartum depression that literally caused me to have suicidal tendencies. I was still leading worship through it all, but it was really a rough, rough, time. I don’t remember a lot of my son’s first year being here with me because I was not in the right frame of mind. My mom is a fireball and a prayer warrior and she prayed me through it. I think God leads us through places like that so that we can minister to other people. Now I walk my victory out every day and I can speak to women and understand where they are coming from. So God has really changed me and that’s why that song means something to me.”

The CD was recorded at Music World Studios, which Andrea described as an “amazing place with a great staff.” The songs were produced by H. Doobie Powell for Chip Off The Block Productions, who Andrea describes as “a genius.”

Andrea kicks off her promotional tour in Dallas, Texas (Thursday, February 16 and Friday, February 17); followed by Houston, TX (Sunday, February 19, Monday, February 20, Tuesday, February 21, Wednesday, February 22, Thursday, February 23 and Friday, February 24); Nashville, TN (Sunday, February 26, Tuesday, February 27, and Wednesday, February 28); Atlanta, GA (Wednesday, February 29, Thursday, March 1 and Friday, March 2); New York City (Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6); Dallas/Denton, TX (Wednesday, March 7); and Chicago, IL (Monday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 13).

Born in Odessa Texas, Andrea was an only child and the daughter of a preacher who was also an accomplished musician. Music was always a part of her life at home, at school, and at Friendship Church in Denton, Texas, where her father was pastor.

Andrea met her husband, Michael, at Friendship Church when his family came there when she was 13 and he was 15.“From the time we first saw each other, we knew we were supposed to be together,” she said. They started dating when she was 15, and later Michael worked for the church in the outreach ministry and eventually became youth pastor. Andrea and Michael were married in 1993. In 1998 they were called to pastor another church and they left Friendship.  After her father’s death, Andrea and Michael returned to Denton to co-pastor the church, where Andrea has resumed her role as minister of music.

Andrea describes her church as “a place that meets almost every need.”  A nondenominational church with an interracial congregation between 300 and 500 people, it serves young and old and ministers to “anyone who comes to the door.”

Besides completing her CD, Andrea has been traveling around the country to minister in song. She recently was featured in the Jacksonville, Florida run of T.J. Hemphill’s play, Perilous Times II, with Music World label mate Le’Andria Johnson, Season 3 winner of Sunday Best.

BET’s Sunday Best was down to 5 contestants tonight.

Eliminated Contestants

  • Sue Roseberry
  • Monica Smith

Allow me to get this out of my system- Lawd they sent Mama Sue home!!!  She was my favorite and despite the fact that the song selection for her wasn’t quite in her genre, I believe she represented the saints everywhere tonight.  Now on to the show.

David Hollister and Dewayne Woods opened up the show with “Let Go, Let God” which sounded really good, but their fashions were kind of questionable.  Realizing that the show was taped in April, I find it hard to understand the scarf that Dewayne had on and the crush velvet smoking jacket that adorned David’s back.  I guess they air was on full blast.. Gospel Celeb Fashions 2011… Funny and for another time.. I haven’t forgotten about Kirk Franklin and the high waters… more on that later..

Andrea Helms opened up the competition portion of the show with a strong performance of “Mighty God We Serve” (Karen Clark Sheard version).  She sounded good and she had wonderful stage presence. She sounded a bit nervous and airy at first but she delivered a strong performance tonight.  Donnie McClurkin was going in after she finished.  Tina told her that her performance was “excellent and brilliant” while Erica stated that we could feel her “love affair with Jesus”.  Donnie was just gone.. I think he might have felt his help and wanted to sing.. ;-).

Sue Roseberry was up next with another KCS song “Heaven”.  She wasn’t quite in her element but she carried it off with flair and stage presence.  Donnie expressed “you own the stage and are an exciting singer” while Erica stated ” I wanna hear you sing at church”.  Tina gave remarks on some of the missed notes but still applauded Mama Sue because she had “so much presence and confidence”.

Michael Pugh came out of the gate swinging tonight and brought the audience into a praise with his rendition of “Stairway to Heaven”.  He really took it to church and Damien Sneed followed on the keys after the song was over.  It turned into a run fest with Donnie and Michael calling on the name of Jesus.  I don’t even remember the comments at this point.  Donnie was ready to get his preach on.

Monica Smith sang “Heaven Help Us All” and looked uncomfortable while doing so. I’m not sure what happened there but I know her wig was on point as was her outfit.  The judges’ comments were less than favorable and I know that she sealed her fate with comments such as “you didn’t make it your own”, “you didn’t feel it” and “you have to connect the lyrics, emotion, and passion of the song”.

Amber Bullock, really put it down tonight with her jazzy rendition of “A City Called Heaven”.  She sounded very much like a gospel Jill Scott.  The good thing is that she didn’t do too much.  Her perfectly placed phrasing and riffs led Donnie to tell her that she was a “stylist”.  Erica commented that she was “amazing from top to bottom”.

The acapella group, Committed, performed on the show tonight as well. They reminded me of a young Take 6.  They sang their rendition of “Soon I Will Be Done”.

Who will win Sunday’s Best? Will Kirk Franklin continue to wear high water skinny jeans? Who knows…

Well we are down to three.  Comment here and let us know what you thought of the show.



Sue Roseberry first warmed our hearts with her traditional gospel singing on national television during the season 4 auditions of BET’s Sunday Best.

She is a singer, songwriter, playwright, and story teller.  Sue is also a District Missionary in the Grand Old Church of God in Christ.  Sue holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Santa Fe.  She has recorded with the GMWA and the UNAC Mass Choir.

Sue has also written a children’s book entitled “Miss Annie From Way Down South”, recorded two CD’s entitled “Words Just Cannot Explain” and “A Story Inside of Me”.  She is an accomplished woman of God with a sweet spirit.   

Sue, affectionately dubbed by Kirk Franklin as “Mama Sue”,  is my pick for the winner of Sunday Best and if she happens not to win, I hope to continue to see her on the national gospel music stage.

I interviewed her because I was interested in the lady who brings the presence of the Lord with her and takes the audience into a place of praise every single time she opens her mouth.  Clearly, she is anointed and appointed by God for such a time as this and now is her time to shine.

Sue has been doing what she loves for 15 plus years.  She has a desire to make sure that children understand biblical principles.  She got started by telling stories to children after watching another company tell stories while working with a company doing volunteer work with Title 1 schools.  She said she told the people that “the next time you need someone, call me and I’ll come and tell the children a story”.

Can you tell us about some of your plays that you’ve written? 

Well I’ve written a lot of plays for children that have to do with different holiday events. That was kind of born out a desire to help the children understand biblical principles in a way that they can relate to. I’ve also written plays for black history.  I did a commissioned work for black history with a local doctor who’s no longer alive but Dr. Viola Coleman who happened to be the first black female physician here in the Midland (TX) area. We did a commissioned work on her life. I’ve done lots of plays and promoted musical theatre, gospel dramas, and life lessons

So what has your experience been like on Sunday’s Best and seeing yourself on TV? 

It’s been an awesome experience.  I met some of the most gifted and talented people in the free world who not only understand the entertainment industry but they have a passion for promoting gospel music on a level that it had never been promoted at before.  It’s been a great experience.

Who selects your songs?  Do you select them or do they try to find songs that fit your voice?

There are a number of people who make the selection process but that number does not include the contestants. There is so much involved to make it look seamless on television.

Have you read any of the comments that are on the web since the show aired? 


You haven’t? 

Let me tell you.  I went out there the first night.  After the audition my daughter said momma they’re really putting comments out there so we went out there and read a few and some of the comments were that was that was a touching fat lady and what does she have on a sheet? So I was like ah.. I’ve been cured. I’m not going back out to read the comments.  I’m gonna quit while they are just mildly offensive.

I understand. I read one last night (August 7th) from Facebook and he said “Mama Sue has the oil on her. She has the anointing. I just absolutely love watching you on that show and one of the comments that I made was that I think that is what we need now. We need somebody seasoned.  I understand young people because I’m young myself and even if the show doesn’t turn out the way that I want it to turn out… because I’m hoping that you win and I’ve made that public statement… I still think that this will be the last that we hear from you and I’m sure that it won’t be since you’ve been out there anyway. It’s just that we are getting a taste all over the nation.  

What I’m hoping is that people will see that there is really room for us to really sing the gospel message the way that it was intended. It doesn’t have to be altered.  It doesn’t have to be watered down or changed in order for it to be meaningful and be able to cross boundaries. I work for an oil company and there are people in the corporate structure that have never looked at Sunday Best and most of them are not blue. The corporate CEO and people of that nature have tuned into the show and they’ve been touched. They’re watching with their wives and their children because I’m on there and I’m an employee of the corporation but more than that it taught me because when you hear the gospel message it’s life and seeds are planted.  It only takes a little bit of water to make them grow. So I’m praying that whatever’s planted as a result of the show and people are tuning in.. whatever little bit they feel that it will be the beginning of something wonderful that God will make more complete in their lives. The corporate CEO called and said can I call you Mama Sue? I said sure you can and he said it was just extraordinary. I’ve never felt what I felt and I found myself crying so I said Praise God! It’s not a confrontation that he would have had otherwise. It’s just a tremendous blessing. It really is.

Did I read somewhere that you are COGIC? 


You are?

Yes I am! I’m a district missionary in the Church of GOD in Christ!

That’s alright!  So did you go to AIM this year in Houston?

I went to AIM and I just got back from Houston. Our jurisdiction is the Texas Southeast First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under Bishop Rufus Kyles.

I didn’t go to AIM this year but I did go the last two times it was in Houston.

Well it was phenomenal. It was so ordered.  The scholastic motivation, the speakers, I mean it was really really good.  I hadn’t been to AIM in a number of years not since my younger children had gotten up and grown.   That was our convention because I could let them loose and go to the different things but since they’re all grown with families I choose Women’s Convention and Holy Convocation. I went to AIM this year and loved it. Loved it!

Mama Sue summed up her character and integrity when she stated that she “never wants to handle the influence that God has given her in a careless way”.

District Missionary Sue Roseberry loves the Lord and it shows in her attitude, ministry, and voice.  Fans and supporters can log onto her website to purchase books, sheet music, and CDs at


There was a lot of buzz on twitter and facebook on BET’s Sunday Best Gospel Artist competition.  Jill Scott was the special guest artist tonight and the contestants sang love/wedding songs.

The most common complaint was that the gospel community didn’t want to see another American Idol and if they did then they would tune in to Fox.  They want to see gospel singers sing gospel.  I’m not sure if the show’s incorporation of R&B was a ploy to get higher ratings.

UPDATE* Here is the song that Jill Scott sang entitled “Hear My Call”.

I personally HOPE AND PRAY that Mama SUE ROSEBERRY wins the entire competition.

Tonight’s eliminated contestants: 

  1. Timesha Sampson
  2. Isaiah Freeman

On to the controversy:

I read several mixed comments in my timelines on Facebook and Twitter.  There were a few that I desired to share that are from both sides of the fence.  So with all of that in mind, let’s get down to business.

Do you believe that BET has taken it too far by inviting Jill Scott to perform on the show? Do you think that the contestants should have sang “wedding songs”?  Here is what some of you all had to say on the web:


Linda J Hunt everyone did a great job. Jill Scott sang from her soul it brought tears to my eyes. Alicia its replaying again she performed almost at the end of the show

Tracy Carson Was this just a chance to sing secular songs? I get that God created marriage but I just ain’t feelin’ this one.

Jason D. Marion I luv the song Jill Scott performed and Im glad she did it but i think it was an interesting choice. The subject matter of the song wasn’t the typical wedding day love song….however i think most people that have been in love or hurt by love can relate to the lyrics….great episode!!

Weigh in here on Tekoa Gospel Music News by leaving a comment below.  We’d love to hear what you think.




July 31st BET Sunday Best Blog: Who was eliminated, Who advanced and Why- (in my opinion)

The program kicked off with William McDowell and his hit “Give Myself Away”.  He was so caught up that he could barely finish the lyrics to the song.  A funny thing was happening at the same time.  My mother kept asking me if he was going to be eliminated. I explained that he is the artist who sings that song and she said “he doesn’t sound like the recording”. HA! You gotta love her!

Let me restate my disclaimer: I realize it is hard to get up in front of thousands of people who are intentionally judging you.. I hit bad notes too so I get it. Trust me I do..

Okay so… on to the “Yes Jesus Loves Me ” battle for the 10th spot

Shanadolyn Reynolds just did a bad job at that simple song.. she looks like she could be a little Mary Mary relative, but they put her off the show. :-(

Latrice Smith – I thought she sounded good.  She did some difficult tricks and riffs but she just might have overdone it…she didn’t really connect with the audience.  She had her eyes shut.. Well of course my mother and I thought she should have advanced anyway… but

Timesha Sampson threw a monkey wrench in there and started on the verse.  She was definitely in her element.  I’ve seen Timeisha freestyle sing countless times at AIM and during convocation.  She did a good clean/crisp rendition so she advanced and opened up the show with a selection that was more suited for her than the attempt at “There is no way” last week.  She was in her element and the remarks that the judges gave proved it. Congratulations for advancing MiMi!!

Amber Bullock – – I love her voice and her rendition  of “How Great is our God” was fabulous.   I’d like to see her as a finalist… but who knows what the competition will hold.

Michael Pugh– He compacted the elements of “You Alone Are God” into those minute seconds to capture the essence of the song.  He’s my mom’s favorite. I’d like to see him in the finals as well.

Andrea Helms has a beautiful voice.  It’s not all about how many jazzy riffs a person can do in 3 seconds. Her delivery was great on “Yesterday” and it was a bold move to sing that song with Mary Mary seated in the judgement seat.  I’m not sure if Martha Munizzi has influenced her style, but it seems that way. I’d love to see her as a finalist as well, but I’m not sure what will happen as the competition becomes more complex.

Isaiah Freeman’s presentation on Brian Courtney Wilson’s “All I Need” was smooth, but I just couldn’t get past that outfit he had on. I wish he would have dressed a bit more polished. He was saved this week but I hope he takes Donnie’s advice about modulating and sustaining once you reach a certain key- hit is and quit it..

Side Note- I love Donnie’s comments.  I think he is the most honest of the judges (without being discouraging/nasty).  

Sue Roseberry worked it out again with her delivery of “Work It Out”. Who is going to stand up against Momma Sue?  I searched all over and I can’t find nobody.  I will publicly say that I WANT MOMMA SUE ROSEBERRY TO WIN!!  Versatility MIGHT be an issue but on a show entitled SUNDAY BEST, I think that she has it hands down. She’s genuine.

Side note- the comments about people being “Gospel Singers”… I mean isn’t this a gospel singing contest?  I’m just saying.. c’mon Tina and Erica.

Monica Smith is just an old soul with a unique sounding voice.  She looked nice in her red and black too. Great outfit.  I’m ready to hear her sing a different style as well to see if she can make the jump and take that old sound with her when she does it.  We’ll see.

Michael Worthington kind of disappointed me because it seemed like he was more concerned with being dramatic than delivering the song “Falling In love with Jesus”.   I guess that’s why we won’t be seeing him anymore.  Sorry.

Felicia Russell was all over the place with “Precious Jesus”.  She was eliminated as well but sad to say, she needed to be.

Carlington Roberts, with that great voice, was eliminated as well.  When it comes to a quick competition such as Sunday Best, you have to keep your best foot forward.  There are no second chances.  I don’t believe that this is the last that we’ll hear from him.


  • Carlington Roberts
  • Felecia Russell
  • Michael Worthington

And then there were 7… until next week!!!

Comment and let me know what you think about Sunday Best!


I watched intently last night hoping that the finalists would be good.  They were good and some were way better than others.  Before I begin my diatribe, I would like to say that it takes some nerve to get up in front of thousands of people and sing while someone is intentionally judging you.  Erica and Tina aren’t the easiest to please… Donnie is just looking for the anointing (he should be because someone needs to ;-)).. So with all of that said, here we go:

I believe that Sue Roseberry did her thing last night!  I love old time singing and I believe that the gospel music industry is saturated with contemporary artists.  It might be time to let someone who has experience on the scene.

She sang that song last night! I know that the audience was ready to go in after she finished.  I think that is what Sunday Best should be about.  Now time will tell if she is versatile, but for now, Sis Roseberry is at the top of my list. Enjoy her performance last night courtesy of kailin93 on YouTube.

I had higher hopes for Timesha Sampson because  I’ve watched her sing/freestyle at AIM and the Holy Convocation.  I love the song “There is no way”.  I know that you really have to testify that song when you sing it.  I’m talking about preach sing it.  She has so much more down in that tiny frame.. We need to see it or sorry to say, she’ll be going home.. I want her to really find her element in the sing off for the final spot.


One question:  What did you have on Roosevelt  Griffin? High waters?  Is that the new style? I know that Kirk had em on but he’s Kirk Franklin.   I digress…




Now on to fan comments… There is some hate and some good points out there on this show on Facebook.  Here are a few samples

Ayanna Stancle I just think that some of the contestents that made it through were not as “Qualified” to Make it. I ♥ Mary Mary & Donny, but there Judging is Horrible. Im confused as to what they Are looking for! To the eliminated ones I Think you did Great & Some of u deserve to be in the top 10! Just My Opinion!

Sherita Stayingfocusedandlovinlife Burnette I don’t think that Tina gives people a chance alot of the time, but i enjoy watching the show, i think the the young lady from atlaska should have moved on to the next round. She should not have been sent home

Aaron Miller Mama Sue, Mama Sue, Mama Sue! That is how you draw people in and get them to stand up and worship God! Michael Pugh, you got schooled, schooled, schooled. Take note and learn from Mama Sue!  Tonight’s show saw good talent. I realized a couple of things that may be influencing the quality of the competitors’ performances. Not sure, but I think the sound system being used is not the greatest. The clarity isn’t there. I also realize the back-up singers and the band are overpowering the competitors. The band is playing too loud where they are drowning out the singers. The back-up singers’ mics are turned up too much where they are overtaking the contestants.

I don’t agree with the Back up singers and band overpowering the competitors… Man those jokers were singing and the band is smoking!!! A good singer would love that.. so I don’t agree but everyone is entitled to their own opinion..

Tuesday Real Housewifeofbranson Sunday Best: They hated on all the best singers. Then they selected all of these mediocre singers only to tell them they’re not good. #Y’all Selected ‘EM!!!

Geisha Doll I honestly thought it was a lil borin tonite didn’t nun of the contestants really move me..I really didn’t feel nun frm the performances.. Mama Sue did good…

Faith Michelle Keith I really hope that Felicia get’s over her nerves and just let’s it rip! Sue Berry was fabulous tonight I can’t wait to see her again. I really like Monica’s style and voice (she’s going far).

We’ll see what happens next week..



 The competition to find the next sensational gospel artist is getting heated on BET’s Sunday Best.  The show, hosted by Kirk Franklin with judges Erica Campbell, Tina Campbell, and Donnie McClurkin, has proven to draw large viewer stats and has been a great addition to BET’s line up.  With musical director, Damien Sneed, and some of gospel’s greatest singers singing back up you can’t go wrong with this show. 

Some viewer (including me) questioned the audition process and after viewing the first two episodes, I wondered what happened to some of the great singers I know that auditioned.  Nevertheless, it makes for great television.  I already expressed my thoughts on Sue Roseberry and Sunday Best from last night in the Sunday Best Blog published earlier today.  

I want to hear what you have to say.  Who are your favorites this season and why?  Shout out in the comments section below!

For all of those who missed the show or are looking for a list of finalists, here is the list:

The nine finalists are:
Amber Bullock
Michael Pugh
Isaiah Freeman IV
Monica Smith
Michael Worthington
Andrea Holmes
Carlington Roberts
Sue Roseberry
Felecia Russell

I’d hate to be in the next category of being in a sing off for the 10th spot on the show, but someone has to be there. 

The three finalists competing for the 10th spot:
Latrice Smith

Timesha Sampson
Shanandolan Reynolds


Courtesy of Ashley Northington

ATLANTA– Damien Sneed, a graduate of Davidson Fine Arts High School in Augusta, is now serving as the musical director for the hit Gospel singing competition television show, Sunday Best, on the Black Entertainment Television (BET) channel. Sneed, whose Augusta roots have helped cultivate his career, has arranged more than 90 songs and collaborated with the show’s contestants, background vocalists, band members and executives as musical director for season four of the Sunday Best series.

The television show, which is being filmed in Atlanta and eclipsed more than 1.1 million viewers during its third season debut, showcases the vocal talents of artists from across the country in a competition to become the next great gospel star. Augusta’s Sneed is surrounded by top-notch talent on the show which is hosted by gospel icon, Kirk Franklin (“Melodies from Heaven”, “Stomp”) and judged by veteran gospel recording artist, Donnie McClurkin (“We Fall Down”), and the award-winning contemporary gospel duo, Mary Mary (“Yesterday”, “Walking”).

“It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity, working with some of the best up-and-coming artists, as well as those who are known and loved by people around the world,” said Sneed, who, before his work with BET, served as a professor of music at the City University of New York and as a staff accompanist at the Juilliard School of Music. “At times, it’s unbelievable—like a dream come true to have so many amazing people in one room.”

Sneed — an acclaimed pianist, organist, vocal coach, conductor, composer, arranger, lecturer and producer — was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2010 for his extensive work on Vickie Winans’ album, How I Got Over, which received two Stellar awards. Sneed also released his own album, Introspections Live, in January 2011.

In addition to serving as musical director for the popular television series, Sneed has also served as music director for gospel legends Karen Clark-Sheard, Vickie Winans, Melonie Daniels, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Kierra Sheard, the Clark Sisters, Richard Smallwood, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp and many more.

Not only has he worked in gospel, Sneed’s music palette also spans into the jazz and classical arenas. The Howard University School of Music and New York University graduate also performed with other artists including Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, David Sanborn and Fantasia Barrino, among many others.

The talented Sneed has also performed with the legendary Wynton Marsalis – one of the highlights of the musical director’s career. He has also been afforded the opportunity to perform with Opera great and Augusta native Jessye Norman, who is an inspiration to Sneed.

Don’t miss Sneed’s work on Sunday Best, which is expected to air each Sunday beginning in July 2011 through September 2011.




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