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Dennis Christopher Brigham and the Sunday Best Judges Square off- Was he justified?

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Dennis also auditioned for American Idol singing Chris Brown and John Legend..Did he lash out in the same manner? Watch the video and see.

Mathew Knowles’ Music World Gospel Releases Andrea Helms’ New CD Project, Moving Forward In Stores March 6, 2012

Andrea’s New Single “Yesterday” Impacting Gospel Radio 

Promotional Tour Kicks Off in Dallas

Mathew Knowles’ Music World Gospel and BET’s Sunday Best Season 4 first-runner up, Andrea (pronounced Ahn-drea) Helms, releases her new CD, Moving Forward, on March 6, 2012.

As Music World Gospel releases its third project from the Sunday Best brand, Andrea prepares for the release of her first single, Mary Mary’s “Yesterday,” and her first promotional tour, in her hometown of Dallas, Texas (see dates below). [...]

Sunday Best Blog- August 14, 2011

BET’s Sunday Best was down to 5 contestants tonight.

Eliminated Contestants

Sue Roseberry
Monica Smith

Allow me to get this out of my system- Lawd they sent Mama Sue home!!!  She was my favorite and despite the fact that the song selection for her wasn’t quite in her genre, I believe she represented the saints everywhere tonight.  Now on to the show.

David Hollister and Dewayne Woods opened up the show with “Let Go, Let God” which sounded really good, but their fashions were kind of [...]

An interview with Sue Roseberry from BET Sunday Best


Mama Sue summed up her character and integrity when she stated that she “never wants to handle the influence that God has given her in a careless way”.

Sunday Best August 7, 2011- Please share your thoughts – Updated w/ “Hear My Call”


Jill Scott was the special guest artist tonight and the contestants sang love/wedding songs. The most common complaint was that the gospel community didn’t want to see another American Idol and if they did then they would tune in to Fox

Timesha Sampson advances as the 10th contestant after the sing off on BET Sunday Best


July 31st BET Sunday Best Blog: Who was eliminated, Who advanced and Why- (in my opinion)

The program kicked off with William McDowell and his hit “Give Myself Away”.  He was so caught up that he could barely finish the lyrics to the song.  A funny thing was happening at the same time.  My mother kept asking me if he was going to be eliminated. I explained that he is the artist who sings that song and she said “he doesn’t [...]

Sunday Best Blog- Come on Sue Roseberry!!!!


I watched intently last night hoping that the finalists would be good.  They were good and some were way better than others.  Before I begin my diatribe, I would like to say that it takes some nerve to get up in front of thousands of people and sing while someone is intentionally judging you.  Erica and Tina aren’t the easiest to please… Donnie is just looking for the anointing (he should be because someone needs to ;-)).. So with all [...]

Sunday’s Best Season Four: Top 9 contestants and sing off contestants


We want to hear what you have to say. Who are your favorites this season and why? For all of those who missed the show or are looking for a list of finalists, here is the list:

Damien Sneed serves as Musical Director for BET’s Sunday Best


amien Sneed, a graduate of Davidson Fine Arts High School in Augusta, is now serving as the musical director for the hit Gospel singing competition television show, Sunday Best, on the Black Entertainment Television (BET) channel.