Fans of the gospel music genre remember Lowell Pye as one of the energetic front men of John P. Kee’s New Life Community Choir and a co-founder of the male quartet “Men of Standard”.  In 2010, Lowell released a solo CD entitled “Finally” to rave reviews. Over the years, Lowell’s voice never lost its potency but he experienced substantial weight gain.  He started diets that he didn’t follow through with, exercised very little, and continued to eat late at night. After 15 years of struggling with health issues related to obesity and a bout with depression, Lowell lost 65 pounds and is on journey for total health in mind, body, and spirit thanks to a group of caring friends and a personal commitment to change.

Lowell’s journey to transformation began on September 11th, 2011 when he thought he was going to visit with a consultant associated with the hit NBC TV series, “The Biggest Looser” for a nutritional plan.  He was unaware that this seemingly routine consultation would change his life and set him on a course of emotional healing, physical fitness, and renewed spiritual focus. The consultant was determined to get to the root cause of the weight gain and lack of drive to continue on a healthy path.  During the session, Lowell opened up describing how he “battled with depression”, felt like he didn’t like himself and how he didn’t think anyone else liked him.  He described how he received satisfaction from singing but he was “singing in pain and hurt”.  He experienced a gambit of emotions during the session, from crying to being upset because he felt like his friends “set him up”.  Although he remained upset, he opened up further by shared things from his past that he had never shared with anyone.

The following day, Lowell made a decision to consult God about it by asking him to “show me what they were talking about”.  He realized during his private time with God that he was lacked drive and wanted things to happen without a consistent effort on his part.   He read Romans 12:1-2 in the Bible. This scripture states that Christians should “be transformed by the renewing” of their minds. These verses, although he heard them preached several times before, were like a “bomb that went off” inside of him and he realized that change begins when a person makes up their mind to change. From that moment on, Lowell has been focused on “moving forward and living a healthy life”.  He isn’t just focused on the health side, but he is also making strides towards spiritual, financial and emotion health as well.  He’s made a life change.

Lowell’s regimen consists of 6 small meals a day (3 meals and 3 snacks). He eats baked chicken, tilapia, salmon, broccoli, spinach, brown rice, almonds, watermelon, and  protein shakes to name a few items.  He drinks unsweetened tea with Equal and hydrates by drinking at least a gallon of water per day. He actually cooked the meals for 21 days to establish healthy eating choices but now is able to go enjoy restaurants.  He stays within the same healthy choices when he goes out to eat.

Lowell exercises at least 1.25 hours in the gym at varied frequencies.  He didn’t hire a trainer, but he found an exercise regimen that works for him.  He started out by doing a lot cardio and has added weights for strength training.  He walks the track and has started to play basketball to ensure movement.  He also added the elliptical machine to his workout. He started at a comfortable pace and worked his way up to where he is now able to sustain at least 30-35 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Lowell’s story resounds with the population because many struggle with weight loss and weight gain for various reasons so naturally, when he began posting his progress on Facebook and Twitter, he received tremendous feedback.  He formed “Team Transformed” where he posts his progress and those on the journey inform him of their progress as well.  Lowell recalled a time when he posted a comment about his struggle with depression and how “amazing” the response was and he even received a comment from a person who was in the hospital because of diabetes.  The man wanted to know what Lowell did to overcome and Lowell was able to assist because of his personal fight with weight.  Team Transformed is centered on the whole person and not just the physical aspect, although it plays a great part.

He acknowledges that having people to hold you accountable is very important. His support system consists of members of the gym he attends, his friends, and his family.  His sisters are now on their journey to a healthier lifestyle because of his influence. He says he’s learned that “you can’t have people around you that like what you like or like to eat as much as you do”. He’s motivated by the fact that he feels good, walks pain free, and motivates other people to start their individual journey to health.  He is also motivated by his desire see his son graduate from high school and go on to college one day.

Lowell’s journey is continuing to evolve.  He no longer has to take medication for high blood pressure.  His vocal range has improved and he can breathe better.  He is now walking without a limp and no longer has lower back pain. He recalled a time where he would be embarrassed to go out because he couldn’t fit in the seats or chair and people would laugh.  He admitted that “you have to be honest with yourself” because it does hurt when people laugh, but he’s now more focused than ever and he’s determined to move forward.

His attitude, will and drive are all different as well.  He is very proactive in his career and  he wants to be successful.  He’s emphasized that being proactive applies to more than just his career related activities. He is more proactive in his finances, housekeeping, and other areas. He stated that he’s “thinking more freely” and although you cannot see these attributes they are an important part of his journey.

Lowell is an inspiration and he reminded us that sometimes friends and family members can see what you can’t or are not willing to address.  He now appreciates how his friends helped him on September 11th, the day his journey began. He made a decision not to have a surgery to lose weight and in dealing with the whole man, has showed and continues to show those struggling with their health that it can be done.  It takes a made up mind, focus, and determination. Lowell’s new CD, appropriately entitled “Transformed”, is due for release in the summer of 2012.

Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays that seem to have a polarizing effect on most people.  Some love it and relish in all of the promises of love it offers.  This is especially easy for those who have a significant other.  For many, however, it is a dreaded day especially for those who are either single or lost a loved one.  But Valentine’s Day really can be enjoyed by all.

Tyscot Music & Entertainment and Shirley Murdock want to share a few tips on how to not only share but also receive Love on Valentines Day.

Tip #1: Kick of your Valentine’s Day the right way

Although jewelry store commercials and flower shops focus on romantic love, there is one love that EVERYONE has and can use this day to focus on: the love of God.  Many in the Christian faith know and can attest to the love that God shows humanity on a daily basis.  This is a special kind of love that only God can give is called Agape love.

According to www.gotquestions.org, Agape is defined as: “love which is of and from God, whose very nature is love itself.”  What better way to start this day of love than with the One who loves like no other.  Best of all, this is a love that has no ending, who can beat that?

Be sure to take some time out to remind yourself of the love God has for you.

Here are some Bible verses that will get your mind moving in the right direction:

Psalm 63:3, 1 John 3:1, Romans 8:37 – 39 and John 3:16.

Shirley Murdock chimed in on Tip #1 and shared the importance of recognizing Jesus Christ on Valentines Day:

A threefold cord is not easily broken…

This Valentines Day, as you celebrate love with that special someone in your life with the gift of candy, roses and candlelight dinner for two, remember that Jesus is the physical expression of the Father’s love for us. –Shirley Murdock

Tip #2: Give love to someone who needs it

Is there someone in your life that could use a little love?  Perhaps it’s a neighbor, co-worker, a friend, or family-member.  There is probably someone who could use an encouraging word, a joke or a cup of coffee, whatever.  Though you’ve probably heard this before, a simple act of kindness can really make someone’s day.

Shirley Murdock added additional tips on how to give love to others:

We can reciprocate and strengthen the love of the Father, by what we do for others.

Pick up an extra card and take it to someone in the hospital or nursing home.

Take a teddy bear to a young cancer patient.    

Tighten up your natural relationship with the fiber of your spiritual relationship and toss it out! It may be the life line for someone, who’s about to fall!-Shirley Murdock

Tip #3: Show yourself some love

Who doesn’t like to treat themselves every now and then?  Think of one thing that makes you happy and do that for yourself.

Tip #4: Tune out and plug into something that makes you feel the love

If all of the sentimental love talk gets you down, turn it off and tune into something that makes you smile.  Be it your favorite CD, a hilarious comedy special, a great book or that funny Youtube clip that your co-worker sent last week that you haven’t bothered to read, use this day to lighten up and have fun.

Love is patient, Love is kind, Love endures….God is Love. Yes, this special word holds a lot of weight for many people on Valentines Day, but it is also the totality of who Jesus Christ is in our lives.

So, as we share love with others on Valentines Day, let’s acknowledge the true source of Love and learn how to love like Him.

Live: The Journey CD & DVD is available in stores and online!

Andrae Crouch "The Journey"

Nine-time GRAMMY ® Award Winner and music legend Andraé Crouch received recognition for his latest project when the NAACP announced the nominations for the 43rd Annual NAACP Image Awards. Crouch received a nomination for Outstanding Gospel Album (Traditional or Contemporary) for The Journey.

“This truly is a blessing to be recognized by the NAACP,” said Crouch. “I’m honored to receive the nomination on behalf of The Journey and Gospel music.”

The NAACP Image Awards is the nation’s premier event celebrating the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts as well as those individuals or groups who promote social justice. The 43rd Annual NAACP Awards broadcast live Friday, February 17, 2012 on NBC at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Whether in the pulpit or in a recording studio, Crouch’s desire is always to impact people with the Gospel.  The Journey CD showcases an artist at the peak of his creative form. There are several commanding performances including longtime friend Tata Vega on “Somebody Told Me About Jesus” and “He Has a Plan for Me.”  While Chaka Khan and Sheila E. lend their distinctive gifts to the upbeat anthem, “All Around the World.” The incomparable Kim Burrell along with Take 6 beautifully deliver the stirring ballad, “Faith” while Daniel Johnson takes the spotlight on the warm, soulful “My Life.” Pastor Marvin Winans appears on the chart-climbing current single, “Let The Church Say Amen.”

Dynamic Vocalist’s New Live CD “The Journey” Is In Stores Now.

Project Features Cameos By Soul Divas Kelly Price, Regina Belle and Beverly Crawford

Veteran vocalist Shirley Murdock recently stopped by the syndicated radio program, The Tom Joyner Morning Show’s Red Velvet Studios in Dallas to perform some of her classic tunes alongside brilliant gospel songs from her best-selling new CD, “The Journey” (Tyscot Records). Murdock’s celestial alto can be heard on songs such as her current Top 20 smash, “Dream,” on the website www.video.blackamericaweb.com starting the week of January 24, 2012.

Tyscot Records is issuing Murdock’s new gospel radio single, “Lord, You Reign,” in the coming weeks. The rousing song of praise was written by Murdock in collaboration with Tyscot founder and recording artist, Dr. Leonard Scott, and his daughter, Katherine.

Murdock is best known for her `80s era Top 10 R&B hits such as the gold-selling “As We Lay,” “Go On Without You” and “Husband.” Since 1999, Murdock has recorded three top-tier gospel album including her latest CD, “The Journey” (Tyscot Records).”

It was recorded live at The Broadcast Group Complex in Charlotte, NC. R&B divas Kelly Price, Regina Belle and gospel powerhouse Beverly Crawford performed with Murdock on various tracks.  Her current radio single is the Top 25 inspirational ballad, “Dream.” She performed the rousing song at the official Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication ceremony in Washington, D.C. on The Mall where President Obama spoke this past October. For more information on Shirley Murdock, log on at www.tyscot.com


Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 06, 2011

GRAMMY ® Award Winner and music legend Andraé Crouch releases his first CD in five years, THE JOURNEY featuring 15 new songs, through Riverphlo Entertainment and distributed by Universal Music Christian Group on September 27, 2011.

Crouch, whose legendary status has been solidified since his debut in 1960, has 18 solo albums under his belt, yet feels a special connection with the music on THE JOURNEY.

“The making of this CD along with my producer and arranger Luther ‘Mano’ Hanes, ‘my son,’ was an incredible experience,” said Crouch. “I cried, I danced, I laughed, I prayed, and I worshipped … and you’re going to do the same. My prayer is that this CD will bring you into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Acclaimed musician, recording artist, songwriter, arranger, and producer, Crouch joined forces with Riverphlo Entertainment for the release of THE JOURNEY. President and CEO Luther “Mano” Hanes an award-winning producer and songwriter launched Riverphlo Entertainment. Hanes last teamed up with Crouch in 2005, producing Crouch’s Mighty Wind album. Hanes serves as the producer for this project, as well as sharing writing credit with Crouch.

“As a producer you dream of working with the true legends. I have had the ultimate honor in working with one of the greatest legends and songwriters in Gospel Music history, Pastor Andraé Crouch. It doesn’t get any better than that,” says Hanes of Crouch. “As a songwriter, hands down, Andraé is the KING, Period! I have never ever experienced a God-given gift like Pastor Andraé Crouch.”

The album boasts notable special guests including Kim Burrell, Take 6, Rance Allen, long time Crouch vocalist, Tata Vega, fellow legendary artists Chaka Khan and Sheila E, and Pastor Marvin Winans who appears on the new single “Let the Church Say Amen.”

About Andraé Crouch
Andraé Crouch is a key figure in the Christian Music movement. Elvis Presley, Paul Simon, church choirs, and other musical groups around the world have performed his songs. He has won eight GRAMMY awards, six GMA Dove awards and received an Oscar nomination. Crouch was inducted into the Gospel Music Association’s Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1998. He has worked as a producer or arranger with Michael Jackson, Madonna (“Like A Prayer”), Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Elton John and Rick Astley (“Cry For Help”). His film credits include Once Upon A Forest, The Color Purple, The Lion King, and Free Willy. He has received ASCAP, Billboard and NAACP Image Awards. In 2004, he became the only living contemporary gospel artist – and just the third in history – to have his star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. Crouch now serves as senior pastor at the New Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ in San Fernando, Calif., the church founded by his parents.

Courtesy of PRWeb.com


E Daniels

Ernest Daniels Jr. released a CD entitled “The Journey” on August 20th, 2011.
E. Daniels is described as  “the real deal – his satisfaction doesn’t come from packed out concerts…it comes when lives are changed, relationships are restored, and true repentance takes place.”
Not knowing what to expect, I pressed play and was pleasantly surprised by E. Daniel’s sincerity and writing skills.
The first track “My Desire” opens the CD up and will have the listener clapping their hands.  He quickly follows up with “I Need Thee” which is a spin on the traditional hymn of the same title.  His presentation of the song is heartfelt and he closes with the traditional version of the song with an organ accompaniment.
E. Daniels has a special flair for simple ballads. His website details how he spends his time:
He can be found “at the piano worshipping the Lord”
Listeners can tell that is where he spends his time. He is magnificent with just a piano/guitar and his voice.  He is at his best on the songs such as “Better Than Sacrifice”, “That’s Why”, and an interlude entitled, “God’s Not Mad At You”.
He crosses genre’s with “I Run To You”, which is a catchy tune that is well suited for a Sunday morning worship experience.  He follows up with “How I Long for You” and “Your Love” which are great tunes that could easily become a hits for any CCM band- SHOP THESE SONGS!
He has a style all his own and this CD isn’t a copy of any present artist’s style.  The background vocals on certain songs could have been mixed a bit better, but that is a small thing.  E. Daniels has produced a good debut CD that is sure to encourage listeners.
The CD is available for purchase on his website, so log on and support E. Daniels
Track List: 
1. My Desire
2. I Need Thee
3.  Stand Fast featuring Daarinah
4.  Second Chance
5.  Grace
6.  Better Than Sacrifice
7.  That’s Why
8.  I Run To You
9.  How I Long For You
10.  God’s Not Mad
11. Your Love
12.  Redeemed featuring B.E.R.I.D.O.X


Shirley Murdock will be recording live in Charlotte NC on April 28th, 2011 at 7pm at the Broadcast Group Complex located at 8400 Regent Parkway (Formerly 1400 convention Dr.) Fort Mill, SC 29715.

The tickets are $12 in advance and $18 at the door. Tickets can be purchased on line at www.eztixx.com or by calling 877-993-8499.

The CD, entitled “The Journey”, is being produced by Cedric Thompson.  Shirley is signed with Tyscot Music and Entertainment and this will be her second release with her label family.

The concert recording will feature some of gospel’s biggest female artists such as Regina Belle, Beverly Crawford, and Kelly Price.  You don’t want to miss this.  Get your tickets asap!


Charlotte and Westabou Festival 227

Joyceland McCaster has been busy working on her first CD with producer, Terrance Thomas.  She has been singing with her group since 2007, but this is her first attempt to capture their sound on a CD project. 

The CD, entitled “The Journey”,  should be ready for the public by the first quarter of 2011.  Joyceland stated that she chose the title because it has truly been a journey for her in her musical career.  She started by singing in the background but  “God called me out” of the background and her comfort zone to start the group. 

She also described her path to the creation of her CD as an “Abrahamic journey” and she is determined to continue on this path because God has been supplying what she needs to accomplish her task as she continues to walk in faith. 

This past summer, Joyceland was fortune to travel to Watertown, New York to be a featured artist at a youth crusade.  Her next ministry event will be at the Augusta Richmond County Fair Grounds with Sister Mary Kingcannon in October. 

Be on the look out for her new CD in 2011.  Joyceland can be found on Myspace and Facebook

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