Leandria Johnson 320x200

Leandria Johnson, season 3 winner of Sunday’s Best has had the fan base waiting for her CD release “The Awakening of Leandria Johnson” for quite some time. Twitter was flooded with celebration tonight from fans and supporters for the release of the CD.

Leandria Johnson is a talented and awesome gift to the body of Christ.  I now wish that some of the gospel producers would have gotten together and struck a deal with BET’s Sunday Best to produce the next winners instead of Matthew Knowles and Music World.

I must say that I’m a bit disappointed because I love to hear good new music from great singers.  The CD only has 7 tracks on it and there are two of those tracks that are medleys of live performances from BET’s Sunday Best season 3.    

Leandria is a powerful singer and deserves more than an EP.  She deserves MORE people more!!! I digress… on to the review…

Leandria sounds like a younger version of Dorinda Clark Cole… and look out Dorinda if she finds Asaph Ward at some point. She can squawl with the best of them! Leandria also gains points for writing on her first project. She should enjoy the fruit of her labor.

Leandria begins and ends the CD with medley’s from her Sunday’s Best performances of “God is Trying to Tell You Something”, “Set Me Free”,  “I Shall Leap Into My Destiny”, and “Running Back to You”.

The first of the new songs, “Cast the First Stone”, is a mid tempo plea for all be careful before before you judge. Leandria follows this tune up with a prayer for her soul mate entitled “Make Him Like You” that is another mid tempo tune.  She is SANGING!

The next tune, “New Reasons” gives the listener a hint of the an old school with it’s snap track, organ, and background singers on the “shu do doops”.  Leandria is a powerful churchy singer and it comes through on this song.

Her first single, “Jesus” is up next and we all know that she singing her heart out on that one.  An instrumental version of this song is available on I-Tunes for the brave singer in you!

Leandria wraps her original songs up with her ballad “Struggle Not”.   Listeners can hear that she pours her heart into every song, but I’m sorry Music World she simply deserves more tracks on a debut CD than you’ve given to this phenomenal artist!

Track Listing (Amazon) 

  1. Sunday Best Medley 1
  2. Cast The First Stone
  3. Make Him Like You
  4. New Reasons
  5. Jesus
  6. Struggle Not
  7. Sunday Best Medley 2
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